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3 Core Curriculum Classes At UT Austin That Won’t Drop Your GPA

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Texas chapter.

There’s nothing quite like class registration time: scrolling through the course catalog, reading reviews on RateMyProfessor, yet struggling to find a class that fulfills the university’s core curriculum and won’t negatively affect your GPA.

Trust me— I know the feeling; it can be quite stressful. And having to complete the core curriculum is something most college students (myself included) dread.

This is why, to help out my fellow Longhorns that may be feeling this way, here are three UT Austin core course recommendations to make taking these classes and completing the curriculum a breeze!

M302 – Introduction to Mathematics w/ Amanda Hager

Course Summary: Being a non-stem major and math hater-friendly, M302 focuses less on mathematical ability and more on critical thinking/problem-solving skills. With Dr. Amanda Hager as your instructor, you’ll find yourself easily understanding advanced math concepts and having fun while doing so!

How It Applies to the Core Curriculum: This course satisfies UT’s mathematics requirement and carries a quantitative reasoning flag.

Why I Recommend This Course: Dr. Hager grades students on 2 out of 3 exams (non-cumulative), 12 out of 13 homework assignments, and short online quizzes. Not only is she accessible during office hours, but she also allows students to work together or use online resources for extra help, so long as they cite their sources. Plus, the class has flexible learning options, such as being able to choose whether you want to attend class in person, watch the online lecture recordings, or learn through Dr. Hager’s self-made teaching modules.

HIS 315L – The united states since 1865 w/ Steven Mintz

Course Summary: Forget the sanitized version of history they taught you in high school, and learn the truth behind the U.S.’s past with HIS 315L. This course takes students on a deep dive into U.S. history since 1865, covering all aspects: the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.

How It Applies to the Core Curriculum: This course satisfies part of UT’s six-hour U.S. history requirement and carries a Cultural Diversity in the United States flag.

Why I Recommend This Course: Professor Mintz lectures in a manner that feels more like storytelling, which helps keep students engaged with the content at hand. Plus, the workload for this course is relatively light, with your overall grade coming from weekly online homework modules of 20 multiple-choice questions and two short answers. Lecture attendance is optional, but for those who do go, Professor Mintz always ends class with a few Instapoll questions for extra credit (making it impossible not to come out with an A).

NTR 306 – Fundamentals of nutrition (online) w/ Michele Hockett-cooper and heather Leidy

Course Summary: NTR 306 provides students insight into the science of nutrition, equipping them with practical skills and knowledge that can be used to help build and maintain a healthy diet.

How It Applies to the Core Curriculum: This course satisfies part of UT’s nine-hour Natural Science & Technology requirement.

Why I Recommend This Course: Students are allowed to use the (optional) textbook, lecture slides/recordings, and any class notes to assist them with completing the online assignments and exams, making the coursework (especially for my fellow non-stem majors) more than doable.

Ashley Coleman is an undergraduate student studying journalism at the University of Texas at Austin. She is most passionate about media representation and all things related to pop culture. When she’s not writing, you can find her learning a new dance, fangirling over Zendaya, or making a quick trip to the nearest boba shop.