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3 Habits To Get Into If You Want A 4.0 GPA

  1. Put effort into syllabus week 

The first week of classes is typically when professors and advisers will break down what the semester will look like including their expectations, assignment dates, and test days. Be proactive and write these things down ahead of time! It’s a great way to stay ahead of the game and helps when planning out your week and assignments! This also goes for putting in the effort for the first few weeks of classes. A lot of people brush off syllabus week and just go to class like normal, but if you want to 4.0, get to know your teachers and make yourself memorable! You can do this by either personally introducing yourself after class or even starting a study group with other motivated students! 

  1. Send in your assignments early

This doesn’t just mean turning it in before the deadline. We all know to turn in our assignments on time, but what will get you the 4.0 is turning in your work for review before the deadline! A couple of days before it’s due, send your work to your teacher and ask if your project/paper is up to their quality of standards. Use their positive criticism and feedback to modify your work, so when you actually turn it in, you have a higher chance of getting that A! 

  1. Connect with your peers

A lot of college students use GroupMe, but if you want that 4.0, you have to go above and beyond a group chat. I recommend connecting with some of your classmates and forming a regular study group! Just make sure that your study group is made of highly focused and motivated students! Surrounding yourself with fellow hard-working and concentrated students will push you to work even harder! 

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