3 Essentials for Working From Home

  1. Sitting at a desk for hours on end can be very uncomfortable, so what better than to give your worker-from-home another option? This $30 lap desk provides a flat surface for using your laptop on the couch, a beanbag chair, or even in bed! It features a soft cushion underneath in a variety of super cute patterns, a slot for them to stand their phone up, an elastic band that keeps their papers and documents from sliding off, and a notch to prevent their notebook or laptop from doing the same!

  2. Another WFH essential is a potted plant to spruce up that space! The Sill offers a HUGE amount of options, with both live and faux plants in a wide variety of styles. From holiday-themed plants like poinsettias and wreaths to classics like cacti, ferns, and succulents, you’re sure to find the perfect plant to suit your style and space!

  3. At the end of a long workday, nothing is better than making time for self-care. This $35  at-home spa kit includes soothing bath salts, bath bombs, bubble bath, shower gel, massage oil, and more! Now self-care is more important than ever so invest in yourself and decompress!