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10 Reasons You Should Subscribe to The Skimm

In this day and age, it seems like all people can talk about is the Bieber and Selena saga of a relationship or whatever selfie Kim Kardashian posted. In all honesty, I personally find this sad fact to be one thing– embarrassing.

As young college women about to be thrown into the real world—a real world where people at work discuss bigger things than what E! News has to tell us—I feel that being well-informed on current events carries a huge importance now more than ever.  

So, taking this into account, I feel inclined to encourage other young women to subscribe to TheSkimm, the holy grail of quick news info. Quite literally, it’s a quick morning skim-of-a-read about current events. TheSkimm, a digital newsletter sent Monday through Friday, has been a vastly popular email subscription since 2012. It helps educate readers about current events in a fun and painless way. Here are 10 reasons why you should subscribe:


1. It’s easy to read 

No more of that political jargon that is nearly impossible to decipher. TheSkimm is straight-up conversational English.


2. It’s smart to stay informed

Sure. Kylie Jenner announcing her child’s name is “Stormi” with an “I” is considered news to some. Come on though… let’s be real…  


3. It’s consistent 

Monday-Friday at 5am before you wake up, at least I would hope. Same format. Different news stories.


4. It’s funny

TheSkimm has a personality. They make witty remarks about the rather dry news, making your morning coffee and news intake that much more enjoyable.


5. It’s free 

Need I say more? Who doesn’t like free stuff?


6. Aimed specifically to women

As females, it is refreshing to read something geared specifically to us. TheSkimm is a company founded by two women: Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg. On their website TheSkimm explicitly states that it’s target audience is female millennials.


7. Their story is great 

Carly and Danielle, two former NBC news producers, wanted to make news quick and easy for people. So what did they do? They took a risk and created TheSkimm. With roughly 1.5 million subscribers in 2015 I would say that’s a pretty good success story. Talk about impressive.


8. Did I mention it’s run by women?

Just thought it was important to reiterate this point once again.


9. It gets you checking your email 

I often hear people whining saying they’re “so bad at their email.” Well, fear no more. The Skimm gives you an incentive to check your email every morning, helping you keep up with not just the news, but your own life, as well.


10. It’s just not that hard.

I have given you nine reasons to subscribe to the Skimm. With the amount of time it took you to read this article you could have been informed on what’s actually going on in the real world. So, go on and subscribe, because all women should be well informed and ready to discuss current events, even if it is as early as your morning coffee.

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