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It took years to get to where I was. No, it wasn’t perfect, but I was alive. I had everything I could’ve dreamed of. Then…  In seconds, everything seemed to come crashing down.

In seconds, I had nothing. In seconds, I was at the lowest point.  In seconds, nothing seemed to matter. In seconds, I was completely broken.  Each day was harder to bear. I was ready to leave. I didn’t think anyone would care. I didn’t think it would’ve mattered that on the outside I showed a smile but, on the inside, I was shattered. On October 22nd I was ready. I did what I wanted that day. I went out to get ice cream with my dad and that was going to be the last thing I did. I walked inside feeling empty and hopeless. Seconds before I walked into my room, I met a superhero. My mom. She gave me a hug and told me how much she loved me and that no matter what she would always be there to support me.

In seconds, I felt warmth.  In seconds, I felt peace.  In seconds, I felt wanted.  In seconds, I felt important.  In seconds, my mom saved my life with something so simple.  My life wasn’t perfect. I wasn’t magically better, but she showed me that within seconds, everything could change for better or for worse. She’s showed me what real love is. She showed me that no matter what there was ​always ​ someone there for me one way or another. Now, I’m a first-generation college student. I’m finally living my dream of being a college cheerleader. I’ve met some of the greatest people. I have helped some of my friends as well. I was given a second chance to grow and give others another chance too. No, my life isn’t perfect. I still have bad days, but I still have great days, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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