November Gratefulness

2020 has not been the best year but it has taught so much about myself. I was pushed away from my comfort zone and what I thought made me happy. Who I was then does not exist now, and I am proud of that.

I learned to make myself a priority; my health, time, and energy shifted into things that were much more positive in my life. I learned to be grateful of the little things, like having a job, being able to go get something to eat, home, and most importantly my family.

Our family is not guaranteed the age we expect them to live by, things happen, like COVID-19 it was a tragedy but I learned from this. I learned to hold my grandma a little bit longer, give a genuine kiss on my mama’s cheek when I say bye to her, and turn my energy on what really matters.

My faith was torn at the start of 2020, I felt depressed and life was sucked out of me. But I began to realize whatever is going on I will not be shaken because I have a purpose in this life. I turned to God as my last resort but it was the best thing I ever did. I feel grounded and my anxiety is gone.

I am so shook and surprised of what I have been through this year but, let me tell you I am grateful. This November I am so happy and it makes me tear up of how special it is to have a Thanksgiving meal with all my family members who are healthy. This is a blessing in itself and it took me all year to realize but I learned the truth of life.  This is my November gratefulness.