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“When thinking about life, remember this: no amount of guilt can change the past and no amount of anxiety can change the future.” -Unknown

It is tricky to think sometimes about how we wrap our head around certain things and forget about what really matters: to take time for ourselves, rethink our priorities and most importantly, recognize what it's going on inside our head in order to feel the best that we can.

When we experience certain problems and levels of anxieties, it leads us to insufferable stress and indecision. It is good to take a moment and have a motto you can always lean-to to help you reflect on a new perspective and look at things in a slightly different way. Here I present the often-forgotten reminders that we must consider in our life.

It’s ok to start “late.

I’m not referring to deadlines and things you must turn in, even though it is good to think this way when you’re not feeling your best to study or finish an assignment, instead, I’m referring to those thoughts that we disregard from time to time. Have you ever thought of doing something different with your life? Maybe starting a new sport or learn another language? Then, you actually think about what it entails to learn that new language, the rules and technique to play that new sport and suddenly change your mind with the excuse of “maybe I’m too old for that” or feeling the social pressure and judgment that can come from peers or other people. However, let me remind you, it is OK to learn new things, even if you must start from the beginning. The experience is for you to purely enjoy.

It’s OK if you need more time than other people.

Every person has a different way of retaining and analyzing information, a different studying method, and a different way to do things, we should never forget that. What works for you may not work for others and vice versa. You may take more hours than others, more annotations than others and that’s OK. Take your time in order to fulfill the necessary knowledge and accomplishment you need. Perseverance is the key to everything

It’s OK to feel what you’re feeling.

We should never regret the way we feel about something. You may feel that having a certain emotion can be “too dramatic” or maybe “you should not feel this way” about a problem or discussion. In reality, whether the feeling it’s expressed or not, we are the ones to bury the burden of those emotions and the thoughts that come with it. If you’re angry, sad, or insecure about something then there must be a reason why. We must express it these emotions. Don’t carry that burden.

Bad days are just temporary.

We all know what a bad day could be like and we know how we may feel about it. When it comes down to it, you should tell yourself that a day has only 24 hours and that tomorrow is a new day to embrace everything differently.

You can heal again.

To all those broken hearts out there, pain is just temporary. I want to explain it differently, so let’s talk about science for a bit.

Our brain registers some emotional pain in the same way as physical pain and the hormones are the ones responsible for those “good feelings” and “bad feelings.” When we feel excited or become attached to someone or something, our brain releases high levels of dopamine and oxytocin giving us that excited “in-love” feeling that leads us to maintain those behaviors. But when heartbreak happens those high levels of dopamine and oxytocin drop and is replaced with cortisol. This is, our stress hormone that supports our fight-or-flight response, which if you haven’t guessed, gives us extreme anxiety and those “bad feelings.”

 That cortisol doesn’t remain forever, eventually, our level of hormones stabilizes again, and our life goes on. It’s just temporary. Sometimes it’s good to look at something from a different perspective and science just works for me.

I’m proud of you

In my experience, these are the words that are said to me but not thought to myself. Sometimes I feel too humble to admit any achievements I have ever accomplished. But in reality, it is not an accomplishment if you don’t admit it to yourself. We work hard to get things the way we want and when the time comes to recognize it, we should never put it aside. You did it all by yourself. You forced yourself. Let’s recognize all that hard work and enjoy the successful things happening to us. So, with everything we do, we must be proud of ourselves.




Incoming mech engineering student at UTPB. Lover of rainy days, books, science, and coffee.
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