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Trendy Matching Outfits for Couples and Where to Find Them 

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With summer on the horizon, there are often many couples that want to go out show casing their relationship through fashion. However, many of the options do not fit well with current trending fashion. If you look on websites like Amazon, Target, or Walmart you’ll often be met with outfits with very large wording and strange patterns that are much more cringey than cute, so where can you find outfits that you will both love? 

If you’re planning any kind of tropical outing with your significant other, Kulani Kinis and Kenny Flowers have sophisticated, yet cute matching swimwear. There are different types of women’s bikinis that can be mixed and matched as well as button up shirts and sundresses as well. Beefcake Swimwear and Chomat are alternative LGBTQ+ and gender inclusive swimwear options that promote body-positivity, diversity, and sustainability. 

On the flip side, if you and your partner are hoping to have a calmer summer and stay in most days, there are some options for loungewear. Gullei has a cute plaid his and hers set that can also be used in a unisex fashion. This set is cute and comfy for those lazy days when you might rather stay inside than spend a day out and about. 

On the website Etsy, you can create customizable outfits including embroidered sweatshirts and crewnecks, t-shirts, and even hats. Etsy tends to have pricey shipping but can be a great way to treat yourself or your significant other for a special occasion. They have many different options for clothing and other personalized gifts sold from people’s personal shops. 

Nike even has a selection of sneakers titled, “Couple Wear,” in which they promote a lot of their versatile sneakers that couples would enjoy wearing together. While these options are not technically matching, splurging on identical sneakers for your significant other might be of interest to some couples. Other websites such as Etsy once again, have customizable sneakers that you can get personalized specifically to you and your significant other. 

As cringey some of the items on Amazon may be, they do have some hidden gems. There is a cute, but funny pair of socks that went viral that have small arms with magnets in them to make it look as if the socks are holding hands. Amazon also has this cute matching pajama set in case you are not interested in what Gullei has to offer. 

If none of these outfits are up to your standards, there are also very simple options of going to your local PacSun, Urban Outfitters, or Aeropostale and picking up a cute pair of matching socks or other accessories such as sunglasses or bracelets to showcase your relationship. 

I am a freshman journalism major and very interested in photography. I currently work as an assistant supervisor at Sesame Place for the photo department and I want to become a travel journalist.