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Though the weather hasn’t been making it seem so, summer is coming! And with it comes a new wardrobe of course! Here are some staples you NEED this summer!

White Linen ANYTHING

These are a MUST. White linen bottoms can be paired with any color shirt and makes a cutie, but simple, outfit. TJ Maxx always has the best selection for such low prices. And if you’re not into white pants, white linen shirts are also so pretty. A white linen button down on top of your bathing suit for a beach day…A DREAM. Or you pair it with a pair of jeans and some cute sneakers for a casual dinner date. No matter how you style white linen, you can’t go wrong!

“Dressy” Sneakers

You definitely should have a cute pair of sneaks for summer. Having a pair of sneakers that you can wear for a fun day out or to dinner is a great alternative when you get tired of flip flops. I love my plain white sneakers from Cole Haan, because they are so simple yet classy. Fun colored sneakers are also super great for summer, like the Adidas Gazelles or the New Balance CT302!

Denim Shorts

Denim shorts have always been a summer staple, but styles have changed over time. This year, the mom, dad, and relaxed style are in. My favorites are the High Rise Mom Short from Abercrombie. They are high rise so they are super flattering, but still relaxed and cover enough so that you can wear them to the beach but also to lunch after!

Printed Tops and Dresses

I am a neutral girl through and through, but summer is one of those times of year where colorful prints are so in. I love a colorful flowy dress or a striped tank during the hot summer months. Again, TJ Maxx is a great place to look if you want to try something new and not have to break the bank. I also love Abercrombie, Urban, and Beginning Boutique.

Light Sweater or Cardigan

A light sweater is a need for those outdoor summer nights. Though I hate to admit it, it can get a bit chilly at night, especially if you are by the water. Having a sweater on hand that you can carry or tie around your neck (my personal fav because it looks so good with jeans and a t-shirt) is the fashionable solution! You can get them pretty much anywhere, but my favorite are from Ralph Lauren.

Baseball Cap

I know not every girlie is a hat girlie, but they are an amazing accessory for the sun-filled months! For the girls with skin problems like me, it is so important to protect your face in the sun while outside (and sunglasses don’t do the trick). So why not wear a cute cap? You can rock your favorite team’s logo or buy a cap with fun sayings from a local boutique…there are so many options! Whether you wear a hat to protect your skin or complete the perfect outfit, you’ll look fab!

Tote Bag

Whether you’re going to the beach, sitting in a park, or on an outdoor coffee date, you need a cute tote bag! Purses and wallets can be such a pain sometimes; a tote is a perfect alternative. Especially because tote bags are typically neutral colors, they match with every outfit and can fit everything you need for a day out!

If you’re in the mood to spend, buy some of these summer staples! It’s right around the corner!

Serena Longo

Bentley '24

Hi! My name is Serena and I am a sophomore at Bentley University. I like to write about makeup, food and fashion. Outside of writing, I love to shop, read, go out with friends, and teach dance!