Temple’s Black Student Union Community Clean-Up

Temple University’s Black Student Union, BSU for short, is a student organization aimed to build, serve and unite the black student community. This past Saturday, November 2, BSU decided to join Temple Student Government’s Adopt-A-Block program. This is what Amoyah Gilliam, BSU’s Community Service Chair, had to say about the event.

Her Campus: What is Adopt-A-Block?

Gilliam: Adopt-A-Block is a collaboration event that Temple Student Government, or TSG, extended to all student organizations willing to participate. TSG is in charge of the event, and BSU, along with some other student organizations, is volunteering time to help them reach their goal.

Her Campus: Why did BSU decide to join this event?

Gilliam: BSU joined in the Adopt-A-Block to help promote cleaner streets and parks in the community.

Her Campus: What was BSU trying to achieve and promote by participating?

Gilliam: Our main goal is to get up all the trash on the ground, and if we venture into parks and playgrounds, action will be taken to make them suitable for children. As an organization, we hope to promote better awareness for the community.

Her Campus: Will students who did not get the opportunity to participate have another opportunity?

Gilliam: Yes, this is a long-term event. Anyone that wishes to help out can either contact Black Student Union through our social media or contact Temple Student Government.

The Adopt-A-Block event is a great way to include Temple students in activities that will give back to the community that we live in. As Gilliam stated, “Philadelphia is a very beautiful city, and as students of Temple University, most of us are just visitors. We need to learn to respect our neighbors who have lived here their whole lives, and clean up the mess we have contributed to making.”

Follow BSU and TSG on social media for more information on the next Adopt-A-Block event.

BSU Twitter: @bsu_temple

Tempe Student Government Twitter: @TempleTSG