Skincare 101: Changes in the Season

Saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall may be disheartening to some, but it gives you an excuse to start a new and improved skin care regime! As the seasons change, so does our skin, so it is super important that we adjust our skincare routine to fit the change in weather. Skin tends to dry once the weather gets colder, and as classes get more stressful, you do not want to stress about your skin too. Luckily, there are so many ways to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy as the temperature drops.

First and foremost, washing your face is crucial to your skincare routine. It’s unnecessary to wash your face too much in one day because this will dry out your skin even more, but washing your face thoroughly is super important, especially at the end of a busy day. For my face, which is a mixture of oily and dry, I use CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser and apply it with my facial cleansing brush. I definitely recommend this cleanser if you have oily or mixed skin. However, not everyone’s skin is the same so make sure to find a cleanser that works best for you!

After washing your face, applying an antioxidant serum is an absolute must! Not only will you glow after applying the serum, but it provides your skin with a lovely fresh feeling. Glossier Super Glow is my absolute favorite serum. It is hypoallergenic, fragrance free, cruelty free and dermatologist-tested. Serum makes sure your skin receives all the vitamins it needs to flourish as well as providing it with the moisture it needs to survive the cold weather.

If you tend to have drier skin in the winter, you may want to use a hydrating face mask. Face masks are super relaxing and feel amazing. The best part about them is that you can find them virtually anywhere that sells beauty products, and can buy them in either a pack or singular. If you love masks that give your face a little tingle, the Bioré Self-Heating Mask is perfect for you. When you rub this mask into your skin, it creates a warm feeling that is hard to beat, and you can actually feel the mask cleansing your skin!

Let’s not forget, moisturizers are essential when it comes to making sure your skin remains healthy and hydrated. Personally, I use Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel and I am obsessed with it! A little goes a long way with this moisturizer. The title does not lie, it makes your skin feel dramatically different right after your first use!

Now let’s talk about my favorite part of skincare, lips! There is nothing I hate more than when the weather gets colder and my lips get chapped. I always make sure to have the best lip moisturizers on hand at all moments throughout the colder months. Even though it is cold outside, it is super important to protect your lips from UV rays. To protect my lips, I use sun bum lip balm. My go-to flavor is Ocean Mint. Everyone’s skincare routine is going to be different because everyone is different! Just make sure that the products you use are a good fit for your specific skin type. Skin care health is just as important as your overall health, and it is so important to take the time to take care of your skin. Skin care routines are a fun relaxing way to start and end your day, so why not invest in one?