Satisfying Your Post-Halloween Sweet Tooth: What Candy Should You Eat?

You may have gone through all of your Halloween already, but if you haven’t yet you may want to reconsider eating that whole bag of Butterfingers in one day. For all you health conscious ladies out there, here are some candies that you should stay away from.

Top 5 Worst Halloween Candies for Your Health

1) Sour Patch Kids

The sour truth is that Sour Patch Kids are not so sweet for your teeth. Because these gummies are made of sticky glucose syrup, they bond to your teeth and get wedged in your teeth’s crevices. In other words, if you don’t floss as well as your dentist recommends (which none of us actually do,) eating too much of these cute little kids can result in cavities.

2) Butterfingers

This candy’s roasted peanut butter may be irresistibly buttery, but it is packed with trans-fat, which is not good for your heart. They also stick to your teeth as much as gummies, so if you decide to indulge, make sure to brush well!

3) Starbursts

Not only are Starbursts sticky, but they also are filled with a boatload of chemicals. In addition the artificial fruity flavors, and dyes, they are full of trans-fat, which will be sure to raise your cholesterol if eaten too frequently.

4) Twix

Too much caramel can cause bacteria build-up on your teeth since it takes a long time to dissolve. If you want to avoid cavities, don’t eat more than five of these in a day after Halloween.

5) Candy Corns

Although they are fat free, this Halloween favorite will sugarcoat your teeth to the max. Too much of these in one day will surely result in tooth decay!

Instead…eat these!


Top 5 Best Halloween Candies for Your Health:

1) Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Bars

Some studies have proven that dark chocolate’s antioxidants can be good for your heart and even lower your blood pressure. It is less sugary than milk chocolate and contains lots of iron and fiber. What candy could be healthier?

2) Pixy Stix

The great thing about Pixy Stix is that nothing actually sticks. Because the sugar dissolves so quickly, it won’t linger on your teeth and cause decay. Eat these to satisfy your sweet tooth instead of Sour Patch Kids and save yourself a trip to the dentist.

3) Peanut M&Ms

Peanuts contain healthy fats and proteins, which are the building blocks for muscles and cartilage. Not only will you be keeping your body healthy, but you will also be doing your teeth a favor. Since chocolate melts quickly, it shouldn’t stay in any crevices for too long. Peanut M&Ms are indeed the perfect treat for a healthy Halloween!

4) Kit-Kats

Instead of Twix, opt for Kit-Kats. They’re still just as tasty without the caramel and your teeth will thank you in the long run of course.

5) Dum-Dums

Although these are hard candies, dum-dums won’t linger in your mouth like a carnival-sized lollipop. In one crunch, they should be gone! The smaller, the better.