Productive Activities You Can Do Inside During Quarantine

Redecorate Your Bedroom 

If you’re bored and looking for something to do, start by redecorating your bedroom. Paint the walls, create a comfy vibe for yourself to do schoolwork each day, move around some furniture or just create a tranquil space for yourself to unwind in. There’s room decorating guides all over the internet if you’re interested. Make it fun!

Dorm room with collage

Choose A New Room A Day To Clean

Try picking a room a day to clean out and reorganize. This way you have a set schedule, and will feel good knowing you’re staying on top of your spring cleaning to-do list. First, try cleaning your bathrooms, then go to any hallway closets. Throw away anything that you don’t use. Next, clean out your bedroom. Go through all of the drawers and clean them out. Take the time to clean out your bedroom closet as well -- you never know what missing items you’ll rediscover along the way.


Puzzles/ Board Games

I know it feels like there’s nothing to do every day, so try playing a game or finishing a puzzle. These are easy fun ways to get your minds off of things while interacting with others. 



Baking is a great activity to do with family members to help pass time by. If you want to bake something you’ve never made before, you can check out Pinterest for baking ideas. Plus, when all is said and done, you’ll have some delicious treats to enjoy with your loved ones!



Don’t forget to stay active at home! You can do yoga anywhere in your house, you just need to find a bit of clear space. Yoga is a great stress reliever for when finals season from home starts getting overwhelming -- plus it makes for an amazing full body workout!



Watch A New Netflix Series

There are so many new trending shows on Netflix right now, so don’t miss your chance. Pick your favorite spot on the couch, and grab a snack. If you haven’t already seen it, “Tiger King” has gone viral recently and makes for a great binge-watch. Or, if you’d prefer a full length movie, there are plenty of options to choose from on any streaming platform, in just about any genre you could think of. 


Order In to Support Local Businesses

Many businesses are still doing take-out and curbside pick-up orders to still get business during these uncertain times. Take advantage of this time and order out from your favorite restaurant. Some restaurants might even have discounts or certain specials. A lot of these restaurants also provide free delivery right now too, which is a big incentive. Ultimately, supporting restaurants that can’t operate normally right now also helps them stay afloat financially, so you can eat good and do good knowing you’re contributing to keeping your favorite restaurant open.


It's abundantly clear that living and working from home has been difficult for many people in so many ways. One thing we can all do to stay positive during this chaotic time, as well as preserve our mental sanity, is to try something new or fill the day with productive activities. We can do this!