My Go-To Lush Products During Quarantine

So, you have some money saved for spring shopping, but all the stores are closed. Hope is not lost just yet! I recommend spending your money on something that may save your sanity in this time of crisis. 

Lush products are the way to go. They’re all natural and aren’t tested on animals. Not only that, but I personally have used many of their products and have fallen in love.

I will say, you get what you pay for. The products do their job, but the price can be daunting sometimes. Let me tell you, it is worth it and you get a lot of product that lasts quite awhile. So, here are my top five suggestions:


Mask of Magnaminty Face and Body Mask

This is my #1 go to mask when I need to calm down or my face is presenting some red spots when Aunt Flo visits. I get the self-preserving, which is $14.95 for a 4.4 oz. cup. The smell doesn’t penetrate my nostrils, but instead infuses into my thoughts with nothing but serenity. Sometimes I keep this on for a good hour and there is no irritation.  There is only clear skin and a fresh look. I love that when I wash the mask off it exfoliates my skin as well. This size container lasts me until it expires. Purchasing the cup that is not self-preserving would mean having to keep it in the fridge. I highly recommend you look this one up while you are in quarantine.

American Cream Conditioner

This 3.3 oz. bottle is $10.95 and I swear it saved my hair. I have only been using it for a week but I already see such a difference in the way the ends of my hair look. I decided on this buy because going to the stylist is not an option these days, so I need a way to keep my hair healthy. This conditioner was a great choice. Not only does my hair look amazing, but it smells great too.

Dream Cream Body Lotion

I love this lotion. I always forget to put lotion on, but not Dream Cream. This product is vegan, so that is a plus. It makes my skin so soft and gives it a very nice glow, but I don’t feel slippery or sticky after I put it on. I feel like my skin has been refreshed and moisturized. A 1.7 oz. bottle that is $7.95 has lasted me until its expiration date when using it on my arms and hands. It also leaves a wonderful smell that isn’t overwhelming. 

Angels On Bare Skin Face and Body Cleanser

Like a lot of Lush’s products that can be applied to the face, this one can be applied to the body as well. I recommend using this product when you are breaking out really bad. I have heard from word of mouth that this mask has helped cystic acne, but it never helped mine. I think I used to have very sensitive skin to scents, and this product does have a good scent to it. Now that I use it after overcoming cystic acne, it has worked miracles for me. A pimple pops up, I put this on, wash it off and the pimple has died down in the morning. When it reaches its expiration date but there’s some left, I recommend using the rest on your body. A $16.95 cup that is 3.5 oz. lasts me a very long time. I would use this twice a week on my face.

Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub 

I splurged for this item just recently and I have to say that my pores are thanking me now. It isn’t too harsh on your skin if you don’t press down too hard while scrubbing. Using this lightly and every other morning before putting makeup on would be a good idea.  I would still use this with a normal face cleanser. I already love this exfoliator above many and give it an A+ rating in my book. A 4.2 oz. bottle is $21.95.