The Mindy Project Recap 2.10

Mindy Lahiri is pregnant and this is not a cry for attention! Last time when Mindy got a check-up from Peter we were left with a cliffhanger – Mindy is pregnant?!

The week’s episode starts off with Mindy taking her third pregnancy test and low and behold it’s positive. Of course it’s normally test then doctor, but doctor then test is definitely more of Mindy’s style. So the question, and plot, of this episode is… will Mindy tell Danny?

As we all know, and this episode provides plenty of examples and reminders, Danny is a hardcore Christian, making us wonder how he will react to a child conceived out of wedlock, especially his child. As Mindy tries to find a time to tell Danny, it never seems to work out:

She tries to tell him over the phone, but a baby is crying and Danny complains about having children. She tries again over the phone later in the week, but he’s going to church and talks about going to confession. So she makes a plan. A romantic getaway for the two of them which will provide her with the perfect moment to tell Danny about their child. But when she flies to New York to meet up with Danny for their romantic weekend she’s greeted by, not only Danny, but his father and his teenage half-sister Little Dani. So obviously, the trip is cancelled.

With Danny’s father stopping by for an unexpected visit, Mindy attempts to think of a new way to tell him about the pregnancy. Though her thoughts are soon interrupted by a call from Danny’s mother, Annette, who was a few questions about their romantic weekend adventure. Mindy tells Annette that Danny and her didn’t wind up going because her ex-husband and his daughter came to town. (Reminder: They haven’t seen each other since Danny’s dad, Alan, left the family.) Annette gets uncomfortably polite and decides to invite everyone, including Alan and his daughter, over for dinner.

Feeling uncomfortable by the entire situation of a family reunion Danny asks Mindy if she could skip out on this dinner since it’s a private family matter. At first Mindy agrees, but right as Danny and his family is in the car on the way to his mom’s house, she stops them and demands that she is just as a part of this family now. Danny, just wanting to get this over with, tells her to get in the back next to Dani and they all head over to Annette’s.

When they arrive a newly blonde Annette greets them at the door. Annette shows nothing but a display of how happy her life is including her new boyfriend that Mindy found for her, Dr. Ludrow. Annette and Mindy go into the kitchen to help make dinner where Mindy learns how to kill and cook live eels from Annette’s bathtub. Although difficult, Mindy manages to pull through, doing such a good job that Annette calls her a Castellano. A phrase Mindy won’t soon forget.

While that is going on, Alan asks Danny if he could take care of his half-sister since he hasn’t been doing so well as a father. Danny agrees to lets Little Dani live with him for as long as she needs to which Mindy quickly interrupts. Mindy quickly assures Danny that Little Dani is just playing the entire family because that is what teenage girls do. Danny doesn’t fully believe her but their conversation is interrupted by Dr. Ludrow telling them to wash up for dinner.

At dinner Mindy tries to get to the bottom of Little Dani’s attitude problem. It turns into a bit of a scene but Mindy finally gets Little Dani to admit that she hates her home life and is acting out just to get what she wants. An angry Little Dani slaps Mindy for outing her and Mindy slaps her back in return. Danny pulls Mindy aside to scold her for her behavior and both of them decide that it would be best if Mindy left. “This is a family matter” after all.

When Annette finds out that Danny said that Little Dani can live with him, she becomes outraged and runs after Mindy telling her to come back inside, but Mindy refuses. Through hints Annette remembers from the night, as well as experiencing having a Castellano child of her own, Annette realizes Mindy is pregnant. She leaves Mindy in the street to return home to spread the news.

Back at the house, Annette returns home to the dinner where she removes her blonde wig and scolds Alan for leaving them as well as trying to get Danny to get to raise his daughter. When Danny tries to defend him, Annette interrupts him and yells at him for always trying to raise his siblings when he should be focusing on his own unborn child instead. Confused, Danny asks what she means and Annette reveals that Mindy is pregnant. Without a second thought Danny leaves dinner in search of Mindy.

After searching both his house and her own Danny finds Mindy at their practice eating by herself. He asks her why she hadn’t told him and Mindy says there was never the right moment and that she’s sorry. She offers to raise the baby but herself but Danny caresses her stomach and calls them a family.

A heartwarming development for our favorite couple. To see what’s next in store for these two, and while we await the appearance of our beloved Laverne Cox, tune in every Tuesday night on FOX at 9:30p.m. EST.