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Embrace Who You Are!


Let’s be honest, not all of us can be a size two or look like Jillian Michaels (hello muscles!). But what we can do is accept who we are instead of trying to alter ourselves or beating ourselves up.

Try this on for size – embracing who you are despite your weight can score you some serious happiness points. Truth is, the most confident girl in the room, despite her size or appearance, is usually the most fun to be around.

“Being heavy and being thin does not really matter all that much, as long as it is the body you just naturally have, it is perfect for you,” Ceena Ford, an English major says. “As long as you are treating your body right, loving it and keeping it healthy, you are perfect.”

It’s in front of us all the time, magazines, reality shows, and the media telling us how to dress and look. It’s no wonder girls lack self-confidence.

But, instead of listening to what everyone says, let’s focus on how truly beautiful our own individual flaws are. That freckle on the tip of your nose? It’s actually quite adorable. And that semi-crooked smile is so totally endearing.

Ask yourself this: other than having a thin frame, what’s the difference between skinny and heavier women? When it comes to studies, morals, skills and personality, weight is clearly not a factor. And after a while, looks fade and bodies start to sag (sorry ladies). If you have a 4.0 GPA or an outstanding personality, it doesn’t matter what numbers show on the scale.

“The people that will stick with you through your life don’t care in the least if you are a size 4 or a 14.” Ford says. “Girls get so hung up on pleasing or attracting the people that will care; they forget that it is far easier to just be.”

Most of the time, we wear makeup, attractive clothes and work-out to fit in or find love, but we forget to work on impressing ourselves. We create this persona of who we’re told to be instead of listening to our real self. And just face it – the real you is pretty freaking awesome.

You’re going to be you for, well, forever, so embrace it because darlings, we’re all fabulous!


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