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Synching my workouts with my menstrual cycle has benefited me more than expected. 

Since ending my D1 athletic career, I have been on a journey of finding the best way to work out for my body. In December, I began to sync my workouts with my cycle, and I can definitely say I’ve seen a positive difference in my cycle in this short amount of time.  

Menstrual Phase 

With a dip in progesterone and estrogen coupled with painful cramps, my energy levels crash during my period. I have no desire to lift heavy or push my body.  

During this phase, it’s important for me to slow down and engage in activities that move my body in purposeful ways. During this phase, I usually use pilates and walks as my form of movement. 

I never force myself to workout out, as it is a time that my body needs rest. I pay extra attention to what my body needs, so if it’s best to nap instead of pilates, then that’s what I’ll do.  

Follicular and Ovulation Phases 

After the menstrual phase, my energy level surges with the follicular and ovulation phases. During these phases, I weight lift and do more intense cardio, running, stair master, or HIIT workouts.  

With the rise in hormones, not only does my body feel good after intense workouts, but my mindset has a more positive attitude.  

Luteal Phase 

I continue with the more intense movements during my luteal phases. The only change is that towards the end of the phase, I lessen the intensity of the workouts in preparation for the menstrual phase.  

The Results 

It took two to three months until the benefits started appearing.  It started with increased energy during my follicular, ovulation, and luteal phase. I noticed I was able to lift more without being as tired.  

My increased energy levels are also positively affecting my everyday life. I’ve been waking up easier and can get through the day with less coffee.  

During the past two menstrual phases, I’ve noticed a decrease in the pain of my cramps. They’d previously been extremely painful and threw my whole day off. However, my cramps have gone from extreme to tolerable. They’re still uncomfortable, but I can get through the day without a portable heating pad and less Advil.  

While my energy during the menstrual phase is still lower than in other parts of my cycle, I have noticed a slight increase in energy.  

I know the future benefits won’t happen quickly, but I am curious to see if they keep improving or if they start plateauing.  

Synching my workouts to my menstrual cycle has made me feel better than I ever have, both mentally and physically. It allows me to understand my body and myself more. I am more than pleased with the results that have come to me in the first 4 months and am excited to continue to journey.

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