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Around the end of March and the beginning of April there are two words I see everywhere: bikini body. From magazines giving tips to lose that winter weight in 12 weeks, to my friends shopping for new bathing suits, it seems like I can’t escape those two words. Don’t get me wrong, after months of cold weather I wouldn’t mind pulling out my bikini’s and hitting the beach. But, in these last stressful weeks of the semester, hitting the gym has been the LAST thing on my mind. What’s a girl to do? Indulge in some workout shopping therapy, of course!

Try adding a little extra motivation to hit the gym by spicing up your workout wardrobe! Most magazines write about workout clothing that cost ridiculous amounts of money, but if you’re like me, you don’t want to spend $50 on workout shorts. Here are a few places that have fashionable, yet affordable workout clothes that will motivate you to kick butt on the treadmill.


Forever 21

Known for their dresses and fashion forward capsule trends, Forever 21 barely gets credit for their affordable workout gear. This is my favorite place to go to for sports bras and workout pants. The sports bras run from $8.80-$15.80, which isn’t a bad range for a sports bra. I’ve used these sports bras for over 2 years and they haven’t stretched or ripped. With more than 10 colors to choose from you can have comfort and fashion at an affordable price.

Forever 21 also has great bottoms to exercise in. The Contrast Foldover Athletic Pants are only 7.80! It doesn’t get any better than that. One of the athletic pants that I favor from Forever 21 is the Zip Pocket Skinny Workout Pants. Don’t let the word skinny freak you out. These are great for running on the treadmill or doing yoga at home. The best thing is that it comes with a pocket to store your money or a small set of keys.



Now you may see the word “Gap” and immediately think of expensive, basic clothing, but The Gap does sell workout gear for a reasonable price. One of the most popular Gapfit items is the Motion Top. It keeps you comfortable during workouts, no seams, and pulls moisture away from skin in order to keep you dry. These tops run from $23.95-$39.59, which isn’t a bad price for a top that will last through sweaty workout after sweaty workout. If you don’t want to spend that much on a top, check out their clearance section or even their semiannual sales at the end of the year.



This is the one store I always tell people not to sleep on. I’ve found some amazing things in Target, especially in their clearance section. Most of the best workout gear at Target is C9 by Champion. They have Short-Sleeve Tech Tees, Fit and Flare Tanks, Mess Shorts, and Fashion Run Knee Tight Capris. None of these items are over $24.95, plus if you check out the sales section you can often find deals that are cheaper than the original price.



Foot Locker

I’m a firm believer in buying a good pair of workout sneakers. Why constantly buy new  sneakers, when you could splurge a little more for one good pair that will last. Usually, I like to buy sneakers from the men section because I can get a smaller size and sometimes they have better styles, but nine times out of ten women sneakers are cheaper.



When you feel great in your workout gear, you’ll feel even better when you exercise. Sometimes it does take buying cute gear in order to muster up the motivation to go exercise. Go get rid of those workout clothes from high school PE, buy something fashionable yet affordable and get ready for a great workout!


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