5 Apps to get you through the Quarantine of 2020

~Fitness apps~ 

RunKeeper: This is an app that allows you to track the movement and energy spent on a 

variety of physical cardio ranging from walking to rowing or snowboarding. It can keep track of 

everything from calories burned to distance achieved. This app is a great motivator to get 

outside and really make sure that you are getting a good amount of activity every day (while 

social distancing, of course). Even a brisk walk around your neighborhood can make a 

difference in your mood because we all know that staying motivated and positive while social 

distancing can actually be pretty hard! 


MyFitnessPal: Keeping fit and staying healthy can be hard when you have a big lifestyle 

change. This app helps you track your calories in a way that puts your health first. The term 

“counting calories” can be a negative alarm to people, but if you’re doing it in a safe way, it 

can promote healthy eating habits. We all know that this quarantine could leave us with some 

extra weight, but with MyFtinessPal, you can make sure that you don’t gain any with the nifty 

setting that allows you to choose whether you want to gain, lose or remain at the same 




Netflix: This might go without saying, but Netflix is a total necessity for a good quarantine. 

After working hard keeping up with online classes and getting in daily activity, it’s nice to sit 

back and catch up on some uninterrupted entertainment. A basic Netflix subscription only 

costs $8.99 a month and gives you access to all of the movies and shows offered on their 

platform. As April fast approaches, so do the rainy days and cozy blankets -- a perfect equation 

to binge-watch Netflix originals like “You” or “The Society.” 



Planner Pro: As we find ourselves moved to online classes for the remainder of the year, we 

see obstacles that we may not have run into with our traditional in-person classes. Our 

motivation to do everyday things may not be as high as they were at school, it can also be 

harder to remember to do certain assignments as we aren’t reminded by our in-person 

classes. This is where Planner Pro comes in. It allows you to track your schedule daily, 

weekly and monthly, as well as keep track of your upcoming tasks and notes. Using a planner 

has been proven to boost productivity and keep your motivation high, so let’s make this 

semester one for the books! 


Duo Lingo: Ever wish you had some time to learn a new language? Well if this isn’t a perfect 

time then I don’t know what is. Duo Lingo is an app that lets you learn your choice of 15 

different languages at an easy to follow beginners pace. Or if you already have some 

experience with a language and want to grow from there you can take a placement test to 

start at a level that works for you. Staying at home for a long period of time can be really hard 

(shoutout to all my extroverts!) but staying productive and stimulating your mind is a really 

great way to ease some of the stir-crazy that comes with self-quarantine.