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Lindsey Mathes- TCU Dietitian

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TCU chapter.

Meet Lindsey Mathes, TCU’s new on-campus dietitian! Keep reading to learn more about Lindsey and the services she offers to students.


Q: What made you want to become a dietitian?

A: “Early on in my teens I made the connection between eating a balanced, nutrient-dense diet, regular exercise and a healthy, energized body.  It became very important to me to incorporate healthy habits into my life and help others to the same.  I changed careers in 2007 to focus entirely on health and fitness and have never looked back.  I started in personal training, which I still do today, and love how much it compliments my work as a dietitian.”


Q: Where did you go to school?

A: “My first degree is from Ohio University where I graduated with a Bachelors of Specialized Studies in Journalism and Communications.  I then went back to school in 2009 to obtain my degree in Dietetics, which I acquired through Kansas State’s Distance Dietetics Program.  Following graduation I then had the honor of being selected for a dietetic internship through ARAMARK, which I completed here, in Fort Worth, at Baylor All Saints Medical Center.”

Q: What brought you to TCU?

A: “I have always wanted to work on the preventative side of dietetics, and more specifically with students, so becoming a dietitian at TCU is truly a dream come true.  Students are at an impressionable age and are often bombarded with misinformation about what constitutes both a healthy body and way of eating and it’s a goal of mine to dispel these myths and provide the students with evidenced-based advice. Additionally, many students come to school with food allergies/intolerances, various health conditions, and specific nutrient needs and are overwhelmed trying to figure out how to manage eating in an entirely new environment.  In these situations I’m able to step in and help them navigate the dining halls and put together a plan to accommodate for their needs.”


Q: What dietitian services do you offer for students?

A: “I am here to help with any food and nutrition-related questions and concerns, health conditions, or issues regarding eating here on campus.  I have an awesome team here at TCU with whom I work closely to help each student get answers to or solutions for his/her specific need.”


Q: Where is your office located? Are appointments necessary?

A: “I’m located in the health center and I do recommend appointments however I will see a walk-in if I’m available.”


Q: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

A: “When I’m not at work you can find me working out, meditating, having dinner with friends, cooking, or sitting on my couch reading with my dog and husband.  I love animals, yoga, scary movies, coffee, and nature and will never turn down chicken fajitas.”


To contact Lindsey, email her or call 817-257-5268.

Photos courtesy of Lindsey Mathes