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In any relationship, it is common to have ups and downs. It is normal to fight and disagree, but how far is too far? This article will discuss the signs of a toxic relationship and the signs of a healthy relationship. Of course, every relationship is different, but these are some indicators of how healthy or unhealthy your relationship may be. This can be for both romantic and platonic relationships.  

Relationships can be a sensitive subject, if you feel unsafe, please reach out to someone you trust. If you need help, please contact 800.799.SAFE (7233). 


Signs of a Toxic Relationship

The first sign that you are in an unhealthy relationship is if you are constantly unhappy. Being in a relationship should make you feel happy, and your partner should strive to make you feel your best. In turn, you should try to make your partner feel their best. If your partner makes you feel like you are too hard to love, I would highly consider reevaluating the benefits of that person being a part of your life. 

Jealously is difficult because some people like when their significant other is a little jealous when they are with others because it shows that they are interested in them. However, jealously can be toxic and may lead to a lack of honesty and communication. Unhealthy jealous behaviors happen when a person acts compulsively from a place of insecurity. 

Controlling behaviors could be anything from isolating you from friends and family, using guilt to persuade you into something, to making you feel unworthy of love. It can even be seen in other actions like constantly tracking a person’s location or calling/texting too much. There is a fine line between caring for your safety and not giving you your space. It is important to remember that a relationship is supposed to have equal power. 

Independence in a relationship is important because you and your partner cannot always depend on each other. You must create time to be independent of your person and give them space to do the same. Depending too much on the other can lead to issues down the road if you were to separate. 


Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Mutual respect in a relationship is crucial because both parties need to respect the other’s boundaries, time, and wellbeing. In any relationship, mutual respect is speaking to one another in a respectful and considerate way, keeping your partner in mind when you’re making decisions, and responding to your partner’s needs and wants. Respect in a relationship can help to build feelings of trust and safety.

Communication is the key to all relationships. If you feel that your partner is unable to talk to you about difficult things or is dishonest with their feelings and actions, I would try to have a conversation about why you want to share things with them. Most issues can be solved with effective communication.

Trust and honesty go hand in hand on this one. To have trust, you must be honest with your partner. Trusting your partner means you can rely on them and are comfortable confiding in them because you feel safe with them. Once the trust is lost in a relationship, both partners will suffer the consequences, and the relationship may not last. 


When in a relationship, it is easy to lose yourself in the other person. Always remember that you are in a relationship with yourself first. Individuality is key to being yourself while also sharing your life with another person. Allow yourself time alone and do things you like to do. Similarly, allow your partner to do the same. When you both come back together, you will be stronger than ever. 


Sarah is a journalism major with a minor in studio art at Texas Christian University. At TCU, she is a member Zeta Tau Alpha, a member of Her Campus, and a writer for IMAGE magazine. Sarah was born and raise in Los Angeles and has aspirations of being a journalist in New York. Follow me on Instagram! @sarahcrispi
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