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How to Handle the Inevitable Freshman Breakdown

Freshman year is absolutely crazy. College has been anticipated for so long and it’s finally here! It all begins with orientation to get you excited for everything that school has to offer. You pick your classes, find some friends and anticipate all the great adventures to come. Then, move-in day finally arrives and your parents say their goodbyes. There is no more supervision and there is a complete sense of freedom. You can order pizza at any time of night, you can watch Netflix practically all day. College seems like it is straight out of a dream.

Flash forward to now, November, where midterms are everywhere and you find yourself second guessing everything you’ve ever known. You wonder if you really want to pursue your major, you’re stressed and sleep deprived. The change from high school to college is so immense that there is bound to be at least a slight existential crisis. The stresses of this new world can be overwhelming and the freshman breakdown is completely normal.

If you’re feeling extremely overwhelmed, the TCU Counseling and Mental Health Center has plenty of ways to help. Or if you’re looking for just some stress relief, try exercising or taking a break and grab a coffee. The point is, it’s okay to be totally freaked out. It’s normal, college is a whole new world and everyone is feeling the pressure too. Make sure you’re taking time for some relaxation and enjoying the new and exciting experience that is freshman year and know that you are not alone.


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My name is Madeline Espinoza, I am a freshman at TCU and I love to write and run! I am on the TCU rowing team and am so happy to be a frog!
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