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Getting Fit in the Fort

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to live healthier. Whether living healthier means exercising more, eating more greens, or losing weight, 58.4 percent of people maintain their resolution past one month according to a statistic brain survey. If you are in that percentage of people still holding on to your health goals, congrats! If you are not, do not worry because Fort Worth has amazing, fun fitness studios and classes that can help you get back on track or stay on track. 

1. City Surf Fitness

200 Carroll St. #160 Fort Worth, TX 76107

City Surf is a surf-inspired group fitness studio that has a range of classes from strength conditioning and cardio to yoga and barre integration. The best part is that first-time studio goers get a week of unlimited classes! I am in my free trial week right now, and I have never had a more fun work out!


2. CorePower Yoga

1621 River Run Suite 166 Fort Worth, TX 76107

CorePower Yoga also offers a free trial week. The studio has a variety of different yoga classes for beginners to expert yogis. After attending one of the studio’s hot yoga classes I left feeling completely relaxed. I felt as if I had sweated out all my stress.

3. 9Round Kickboxing Fitness

3049 Greene Ave Fort Worth, Texas 76109 USA

Kickboxing is rumored to be one of the go-to workouts of Victoria Secret Models, and 9Round will make you realize why! The fast-paced classes and fun moves will give you an amazing workout, and you will leave feeling accomplished. 9Round also offers one free trial class.

New Year’s Resolution or not, these three studios are fun ways to get in some exercise. Each studio has a free trial offer too, so why not give a new workout a shot?

Hello, My name is Paige Losack, and I am from Texas. I am in college at Texas Christian University, and I am majoring Political Science. I love working for Her Campus TCU as the Head Social Media Manager for our chapter! Wishing you well :)
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