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Back to School: How to Feel More Confident.

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TCU chapter.

Whether you are returning to campus or arriving at your new home for the first time, it’s important to remain confident and true to yourself. Being back in person, it’s easy to compare yourself to other people or feel insecure. Confidence is an ongoing learning process, and we all deserve self-love! Here are some reminders on how to be your most confident self.

1. Focus on Body Language

Ninety percent of all communication is non-verbal. When walking across campus, focus on your posture and how you carry yourself. Sit and stand up straight. Keep your head up. Smile at people. Eye contact is important when having a conversation with someone to show you are present and listening. It also shows you are confident in what you are saying and who you are.

2. Dress for you

The way you dress is the way you present yourself to those around you. Use your style as a way to show off your personality. It is important to know how to dress for your body. Spend some time experimenting with what makes you feel the best. Clothes that make you feel confident will help you gain confidence from within.

3. DO Things you love

Focusing on something other than yourself will make you a more interesting person. Try something new that you have always wanted to do. Go to a local pottery class. Ask a friend to go on a hike. Practice writing poetry. When you do something you love, that happiness will radiate into confidence.

4. Stop Caring what other people think

This may seem like an obvious one, but it also is one of the practices I struggle with the most. The way I see it, everyone is so obsessed with themselves that they are not thinking about every little thing that you do. We are all always worrying about ourselves! Stop losing sleep over if you said the wrong thing or if you could have done something differently. Overthinking is one of my weaknesses, but it is important to remember that no one is overthinking all the small things about you.

5. Be kind to yourself

All this being said, give yourself grace and be kind to yourself. It’s okay if you don’t feel confident all the time. Confidence is something everyone has to learn and work on at their own pace. Try to think positively about yourself. My friends and I make each other say three nice things about ourselves any time one of us says something negative about ourselves. Although this may seem silly, I really do believe it helps us to speak kinder about ourselves and one another.

Sarah is a journalism major with a minor in studio art at Texas Christian University. At TCU, she is a member Zeta Tau Alpha, a member of Her Campus, and a writer for IMAGE magazine. Sarah was born and raise in Los Angeles and has aspirations of being a journalist in New York. Follow me on Instagram! @sarahcrispi