Why It's Important to Vote in Small Elections

November 7th marks election day, and although the long-anticipated presidential elections are over there are still other elections that are just as important, such as the gubernatorial election - AKA voting for a governor.

Many people think these small elections are not as important as the presidential one, but honestly speaking, the governor, school board, and mayor have more of a say in aspects that will affect your day-to-day life than the president. That is because the governor, mayor, and school board representatives are working towards initiatives that will affect your school district, town, and state, which have a direct impact on your life. Here are some reasons as to why you should go out and vote on November 7th:

  1. You have a voice

This is by far the most important reason. You HAVE a voice - use it! Every vote counts, and you should be happy to exercise your right. You may not know much about the candidates to make an informed decision; however, a little bit of research can take you a long way.

  1. Direct impact on you

Many of the decisions made by your local mayor, school board, and governor will impact your day-to-day life from the quality of local roads to taxes. In fact, your vote carries so much more weight in local elections because you are deciding the conditions of your FUTURE!

  1. Numbers count

By this we mean, if not many people go out and vote, the ones who do will have the majority and it might not result in your favor. Surprisingly, the last presidential election had very few individuals come and out to vote! Let this be a motivating factor for you to get out and vote.

  1. We need change

With Christie in office there have been causes that have been misled and the state has been in a crisis. Further, New Jersey has been viewed as a joke under Christie’s leadership. It is vital that we vote for someone with a different mindset and someone who is ready to lead the state with dignity and honesty, regardless of their political party.

5. It’s easy to vote

Even though you may be in college, far away from home, there are ways for you to vote remotely such as by mail. KEEP IN MIND that taking five minutes out of your day to vote will help decide the conditions of your future.

If you want to be informed about the NJ Gubernatorial Race click on the links below:

So, to everyone out there reading this, GO OUT AND VOTE!

Mark your calendars: November 7th

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