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Spring Break Essentials for Every Destination

Dust off those bikinis, collegiettes! With spring break on the horizon for TCNJ, it’s time to start packing. Whether going abroad or staying local, here is a list of essentials that will help any spring break traveller through their much-deserved adventures.

Trip to the Beach

Essentials for a beach vacation are: a beach tote, beach towel, sunscreen, sunglasses and a cute cover-up. To be on-trend for spring break at the beach, try to incorporate brightly colored pieces.  Don’t forget the sunscreen!


For a trip that involves reconnecting with nature, bring with you: a compass, sun protection (from sunscreen to sunglasses), a first-aid kit, cotton T-shirts, shorts and light weight pants. Make use of a bandana and invest in a sturdy pair of hiking boots.

Exploring a New City or a New Country

When travelling to a new city, dress comfortably from head-to-toe. Essentials for a day in a new city include: a cotton scarf, a loose-fitting tee, palazzo pants and a fanny pack (which is officially back!) If going to a new country, make sure that you have the correct currency and an outlet converter.

Traveling by Flight

If your spring break plans send you up in the air, simplify your transition from the airport to your destination by knowing the regulations before you get there.

When travelling domestically, make sure you have a form of identification. For overseas travel, have your United States passport handy.

For domestic flights make sure your carry-ons have liquids, gels, aerosols, creams and pastes less than or equal to 3.4 ounces (100 mL or less).

For international flights, carry-on liquids can be more than 100 mL if you are travelling into the United States or if they were bought at a duty-free (tax-free) store.

In general, if a carry-on item has the potential to harm you, please do not bring the item onto the plane.  Either place it in checked baggage or discard it before boarding

For more information about rules of carry-on items and checked-in baggage, please go to tsa.gov

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