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New Skincare Trends & How “Ordinary” Skincare is Taking Off

Keeping up with new skincare trends can be tough. I took it upon myself during quarantine to educate myself on the latest research in skincare and what would be best for my personal skin type.

For a lot of college students, skincare can be confusing because we are in an awkward transition period between being a teenager and an adult.

As such, I have found that there are new trends in the skincare industry that focus on products with minimal ingredients, and the use of direct acids and treatments. This is due to the fact that many products are loaded with irritating ingredients that actually don’t have many benefits for the skin.

Brands such as The Ordinary, The Inkey List, and Cerave, are some of the most popular right now because they align with the idea that less chemical ingredients can provide better results. Additionally, many of their products don’t include flashy packaging, and are solely focused on the health benefits that the product highlights.

For some, this new trend may seem less exciting because products with flashy packaging or crazy ingredients tend to get hyped up the most. Yet, it has been proven by many that less is more in the realm of skincare routines. Products such as face masks and scrubs have been branded to include eye-catching ingredients, yet people don’t realize that these ingredients have little benefits for your skin, and can actually be really irritating.

Overall, I recommend everyone do more research about what they are using on their skin because there is so much out there that many don’t realize. Creating a skincare routine specific to you can also be a great way to practice self care during this stressful time.


Senior, Early Childhood/Special Education and English Major. 
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