Meet Kelly Ganning: Graphic Designer, Theater Nerd, and Chef at Heart


Name: Kelly Ganning

Grade: Senior

Major: Visual Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design

Astrological sign: Aquarius

Hometown: Morristown, NJ

Fav color: Orange

  1. Tell us a little about your life at TCNJ! What are your favorite things to do, what is a day in the life of Kelly Ganning like, etc.

    My days are pretty standard. I wake up as early as I can, because it makes me feel like I’m a little more productive that way. I have coffee if I’m not already running late and I go to either class or to my job on campus. I usually spend my day there, working on assignments or answering emails, until I get to cook dinner and spend the rest of the evening inevitably locked away in Kendall Hall. When I can I like to spend some time with my roommates or the important ladies in my life.  

  2. Tell us all about TMT and why theatre is such a passion for you.

    TMT is totally my home away from home, and is actually the reason I came to TCNJ. All of the other schools I applied to didn’t have anything close to the community that ACT and TMT created on campus. I admire the kind attitude everyone has, the professional atmosphere we can provide each other and the campus, and the high quality work we have been delivering the past few years. Theatre in general has been a passion for me since I started acting in the 4th grade. Since then, I have fell in love with the community theatre has created for me, both with the people I have created theatre with and the people that go to see theatre.

  3. Why did you choose Graphic Design as your major?

    I chose Graphic Design as my major because it was a creative career that didn’t make my work seem all about me. Design is about solving problems, and helping people communicate with each other, and I connected to that kind of work more than being an artist.  

  4. Do you have a fun or quirky hobby or interest? Tell us about it!

    I feel like the only hobby I have is cooking. It ensures that I have some time to myself every day, and it gives me an hour or two to relax between my daytime obligations and my nighttime obligations. Ever since getting a kitchen of my own, I have tried so many new things, and I’ve learned a lot about food and myself.  

  5. You are such a passionate and driven woman who has already accomplished so much, can you give some advice to readers about how to stick with their dreams and reach their goals as well?

    I am at the point in my life where my peers are driven by success. The need to be successful, to get a good job, or make the most money. I have struggled with this myself but I have reminded myself since high school The reason I am so driven, and have been able to accomplish so much in these past few years is that my definition of success doesn’t seem to align with everyone else’s. I strive for fulfillment, and I make sure that the work I am doing for myself and for others fulfilling and meaningful. I think that is why I picked my major, and why I continued to be involved in theatre, because it makes me happy. So find something to do that seems fulfilling, and you’ll never want to stop.