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Instagram Fashion Bloggers You Need to Follow

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TCNJ chapter.

As Instagram evolves into a business tool people are able to turn their Instagram pages into personal blogs, where they are able to showcase their best outfits. These young fashion bloggers seem to dictate what trends become popular and what brands become mainstream. As I began to discover my own personal style, Instagram fashion bloggers helped me understand what would look good on me and encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone. Here are six of my favorite Instagram bloggers that had a direct impact on my fashion sense. 

Luiza Cordery (@luizacordery)

Currently standing at over 304k followers on Instagram, this 17-year-old girl has taken over social media platforms in the recent months. She gained a lot of popularity from posting weekly outfits online, usually consisting of oversized crewnecks, sneakers, and tote bags. Luiza has a knack for color coordination and leopard printed accessories that perfectly depict the well-known Pinterest street style. Luiza has introduced me to the fuzzy tote bag trend and the beauty of the color brown, a color I used to shy away from in fashion. 

Cierra Nia (@simply.cie)

Cierra Nia has over 330k followers on Instagram. She is best known for her monochromatic outfits and ability to seamlessly switch between styles. Cierra can go from wearing a very outlandish, bright pink outfit with a matching pink bowl cut wig to a classy, silk dress with natural curly hair. Her diverse style is admirable, showing that one does not have to strictly limit themselves to one style. Cierra has inspired me to wear more colorful outfits that take me out of my typical color palette.  

Jazzy Le (@jazzyle)

I first discovered Jazzy Le on YouTube for her fashion and lifestyle content. She now has just over 100k followers on Instagram and is shown wearing more alternative styles. Jazzy wears a lot of funky patterns and oversized clothes; she blends comfort with style without looking sloppy. One thing that she has inspired me to buy is oversized jeans and flared pants, which she frequently wears in her Instagram posts. 

Doja Henshaw (@dojahenshaw)

Doja Henshaw is based in Amsterdam and now has almost 130k followers. She displays a very feminine, soft style that consists mostly of mini dresses and simple fashion staples. Doja often wears neutral colors and will sometimes add pastel colors, like lavender or light pink. As someone who mostly sticks to oversized, casual outfits, Doja encourages me to embrace femininity in a simple way. 

Koleen Diaz (@koleendz)

Koleen Diaz, a Canadian blogger, has been a personal favorite of mine for years since I discovered her on YouTube. Her account currently has over 730k Instagram followers and she constantly switches up her look from post to post. She often sports a business casual look with heels and a blazer but will just as frequently dress up a pair of sweatpants and slides. She has some of the most diverse street style looks on Instagram as she inspires me to experiment with more printed pieces and sneakers. 

Ellie Beatrice Joslin (@missjoslin)

Ellie has nearly 540k Instagram followers and is best known for her comfortable yet stylish outfits usually consisting of leggings, sweats, slides, and sneakers. She typically sticks to neutral colors, occasionally styling light blue or sage green as a pop of color. Her simplistic approach to her outfits brings more attention to her accessories, like her sunglasses, jewelry, and bags. One thing I have learned from following Ellie is that simple is sometimes better and accessorizing is just as important as the rest of the outfit. 


Kyra is a junior at TCNJ with a major in Communication Studies (Public & Mass specialty) and a minor in Marketing. She is a member of Delta Phi Epsilon and enjoys fashion, beauty, and entertainment.
Sameen is currently a Campus Correspondent for HCTCNJ. She is a junior majoring in Biopsychology and is on a pre-med track. When not studying, she can be found curled up with a good book or trying her hand at a new hobby (e.g. playing the guitar, coding, learning a new language).