I Tried Art Therapy for Two Weeks

Art has always been a stress reliever for me; therefore, when I heard about Art Therapy from a friend I figured I had to try it. For two weeks, I carried around a small notebook and a multitude of black pens that were different widths. I found myself sketching around more as a source of fun and stress relief. The truth is, I didn’t want to draw when I was sad or angry. I realized that art is a way for me to celebrate my happiness, not a way to release anger or negative emotions. But I did find some activities useful in expressing how I feel. 

1. Wheel of Emotions

This activity is simple, and a fun way to express the different emotions you feel. You begin with drawing a circle and splitting it up into equal sized pieces, the amount of pieces depends on the amount of emotions you want to represent. Then write each emotion on the outside of each piece. Finally, draw whatever designs or sceneries you believe convey each particular emotion!

2. Self-Portrait

All you have to do for this activity is draw yourself and write emotions/objects/things that represent you. This is a good activity to help you determine your values and the positive qualities that you possess.

3. Design a Postcard

This exercise can be used to reflect on both positive and negative emotions. You could use this activity to draw somewhere that you want to be in your future (career, emotional, or relationship based). Or you could use this postcard to “send off” negative emotions out of your body.

Overall, Art Therapy didn’t help me to release any inner demons. But the activities I tried doing helped to make me happier and were a great way to de-stress