How to Celebrate Friendsgiving at TCNJ

It’s that time of year again, when you can’t help but feel the holiday spirit. Thanksgiving is in just a few days and Christmas is right around the corner, and everyone is starting to feel festive and joyful! If you can’t get home for Thanksgiving, or if you want to celebrate two Thanksgivings (who wouldn’t), then keep reading for tips on how to celebrate Friendsgiving here at TCNJ! Kitchens on Campus

Obviously, cooking a whole Thanksgiving feast is not the easiest thing to do in a dorm room. So take advantage of all the space you can on campus! Most dorms have a kitchen open for students to use, including Centennial, Cromwell, Norsworthy and the Townhouses. The lounge areas in the dorms are also a great space to gather with all of your friends!


Be sure to let everyone know ahead of time what to bring! Making food together with all your friends can be fun, but can get a little crowded in a small kitchen and take too long. Coordinate the meal with your friends ahead of time so they can bring their favorite sides and desserts to make your Friendsgiving stress-free.

Host makes the turkey

Transporting a turkey across campus is really not an option, so whoever is hosting or whatever dorm kitchen you use to make the turkey is where the meal should take place! Of course making a whole turkey is not necessary and probably not possible on campus, so there’s no shame in buying prepackaged or carved turkey for the meal.


Get in the holiday spirit! Decorate the table with a nice table cloth and Thanksgiving center-pieces to make it really feel like home. If you have time while your food is cooking, get everyone together to do some Thanksgiving crafts to decorate your dorm room!

Give thanks

The most important part of Thanksgiving is being around loved ones and being reminded how thankful you are for everyone and everything you have. Remember to give thanks and love to your friends at school too, because after all, they’re usually the ones who keep you sane while you’re away from home!