Festival-Ready Fashion

Now that you’re going to one of the Top 5 Summer Music Festivals on the East Coast, you need to start planning your outfit. What exactly does one wear to an outdoor, multi-day music festival? Lots of sunscreen, for starters. As for your wardrobe, comfort is key, especially if you’re staying the entire weekend. Inspired by the looks of Coachella, here are three examples of festival fashion that are the right mixture of comfort and “just frolicked through a field of wildflowers on the cover of an Anthropologie catalog.”


Lace shirt- $8

Sunglasses- $10

Felt hat- $22

Jean skirt- $50

Sandals- $13



Tank top dress- $30

Necklace- $12

Bangle bracelets- $30

Gladiator sandals- $39



Headwrap- $9

High-neck tank top- $20

High-waisted shorts- $25

Cross-body bag- $20

Sneakers- $45