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Easy Ways To Get Organized Before Finals

  1. Make Lists and Color Code Them

Making lists of all your to-do’s is a great way to keep track of what you need to get done. Each time you’re done with something, cross it off! This helps motivate you to keep going and get your work done!

   2.  Start Early and Focus on Your Weakness

Waiting until the last minute is a horrible idea – it will only cause you stress and make you feel overwhelmed. That’s why making a schedule and starting early will really help with time management. You should also devote your study time to the class you struggle with most to make sure you know your stuff in time for the exam!

   3.   Create Your Own Study Guide

Unfortunately the days of teachers handing you an exact copy of the exam to study are over, but making your own study guide is a great way to go over all the material that will be on the exam! Outlining the important information is also very helpful in memorizing.

   4. Take Breaks

Finals time is obviously a really stressful time. There is so much information that your brain has to absorb that it can become very overwhelming if you don’t take breaks. You need to recharge in order to keep yourself motivated.

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