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Cool Workout Gear to Keep You Warm

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TCNJ chapter.

The holiday season is officially in full swing, and with the fun and excitement also comes the temptation of delicious, high-calorie foods.  Needless to say, this is not the time to let working out take a backseat.  It can be hard enough to find the motivation to exercise on a regular basis during the semester, but now with the colder weather it can be nearly impossible.  One option is to turn to the indoors for your workouts, but for those collegiettes who need their daily dose of fresh air, there is a solution. Just trade in your shorts and t-shirts for some warmer workout clothes and accessories, and you’ll be able to enjoy your run around the loop once again! Here’s what you’ll need:


1. Leggings

The more of your skin is covered, the warmer you’ll be, and full-length leggings are up to the job.  Unlike regular sweats or even yoga pants, leggings fit snugly from your waist to your ankles, so they won’t trip you up or slow you down, and they’ll move in any direction you do.  For both fashion and function, try VSX Sport Knockout Tights by Victoria’s Secret.  In addition to the cute colors, they also feature a waistband pocket, so there’s no more wondering where to put your room key.


2. Long-Sleeved Tops

The less bulky your clothing is, the easier you’ll be able to move.  So while you may want to wear a t-shirt and sweatshirt, you’ll be more comfortable in just one layer.  A form-fitting, long-sleeved top will give you the warmth you need without making you feel weighed down.  Try Nike Dri-Fit Performance Running Top.  The quarter-zip feature allows you to adjust the neckline from v-neck to turtleneck as the temperature fluctuates, so you can wear this top for months.

3. Headbands

Keeping your head warm is essential when you’re out in the cold, but a hat can be cumbersome, especially when you’re wearing your hair pulled back.  A simple solution is trading a hat for a headband.  It covers part of your forehead and your ears, the areas that get hit the hardest by cold wind, and it still works like a regular headband, so your hair will stay out of your face.  One option is Under Armour’s Blustery Headband, made with EVO ColdGear® technology.

4. Gloves

The slightest discomfort can become a huge distraction while exercising, and something as trivial-sounding as numb fingers may end up causing you to cut your workout short.  A pair of gloves will save you from this disappointment.  The Nike Elite Storm-FIT Tech gloves are a perfect solution.   An adjustable cuff allows you to keep any cold air out, and they also feature touch screen compatibility, so you can change the song on your iPod without ever having to take them off.

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