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A Review of Davines: A Sustainable Shampoo/Conditioner Line

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TCNJ chapter.

I never used to think about what shampoo I use. I had my daily hair routine and it didn’t matter what type or brand  I used.

That all changed when I started working at a local hair salon, called Bangz in New Hope, Pennsylvania. During my first week,  my boss explained what shampoos we carried at the salon and how we were a Davines salon. The shampoo line was foreign to me and I didn’t think I would ever use any salon-level shampoos. But, one day, my boss handed me a travel-sized bottle of Davines’ MELU to try.  She told me it would be good for my long hair since I had planned on growing it out and the shampoo had anti-breakage properties. After that, I was hooked and decided to try as many products as possible and see what others thought of the brand. 

I started exploring the other shampoos and conditioners for my hair trying out Melu, Momo, Love, Oi, and even Volu. Each shampoo has different properties meant for different types of hair.

MELU shampoo. 

The MELU shampoo is meant for those with long hair who don’t get it cut often. Its primary goal is to stop breakage in its tracks while providing a lightweight cleanse with hardly any oil. It wasn’t heavy on the scalp, it smelled amazing (like Johnson and Johnson baby wash), and even cleaned my hair better than regular run-of-the-mill shampoo. Overall, I have noticed a difference in my hair and the amount of split ends I have.

Momo Shampoo

Momo is a hydrating shampoo for dry, dehydrated, and brittle hair. This lightweight shampoo with gel texture helps with combing out your hair and making it shine. 

Momo was a pretty standard shampoo and is good to use along with its accompanying conditioner.

Love Shampoo and Conditioner

The Love shampoo is meant to smooth out frizzy hair as well as illuminate blonde highlights and blonde hair. The shampoo itself is purple colored, which is meant to offset yellow or blonde hair. However, anyone can use it, and it definitely weeds out the frizz. 

Oi Shampoo, Conditioner, and Oi Hair Butter

These products would work great for somebody with thinner hair that needs nourishment. 

The main component of Davines’ Oi line is that it is infused with Roucou Oil, which is meant to hydrate the hair and give it a long-lasting shine. Additionally, rococo oil contains lots of antioxidants, leading to softer hair. Unfortunately, the shampoo and conditioner were not meant for me as they weighed my hair down with oil. This shampoo and conditioner would be much more suitable for someone with thinner, less coarse, and shorter hair.

I also tried hair butter, which is similar to what a face mask does but for your hair. The hair butter sits on your hair for about ten minutes before being rinsed out in the shower or at a salon shampoo station. The primary goal of the hair mask is to restore your hair and add nourishment and softness. While the hair butter has great properties, once again, I would not recommend it to girls (or guys) with thick, coarse, long hair. 

VOLU Shampoo

Finally, the last shampoo I tried was the VOLU shampoo, which is meant to add volume especially if your hair is limp or fine. My hair is far from limp, but it did add a little extra volume which was nice. The shampoo and conditioner are suitable for those looking to add a boost to their everyday look as well as shine. 

In the end, I came to the conclusion that the MELU was the shampoo for me because it works best with my hair and my individual needs.

Overall, each shampoo is designed for specific hair types, tailored to different needs and wants. The only shampoo from the Davines line I did not try was the ones meant for curly hair and highly processed/colored hair. 

When speaking to my coworker, Mark Haas, who has been behind the chair for a number of years and is very familiar with the Davines products

Haas quoted, “I have a number of Davines shampoos/conditioners at home. One of my favorites is MELU. Not only does it leave my hair soft but the line itself doesn’t use as many harsh chemicals as other brands.”

Haas continued, “I always recommend certain shampoo products that best fit my clients’ hair needs”. Haas also stated that the packaging is very alluring, as well as the unconventional titles of the products. 

Davines values unconventionality, and their shampoos are made with natural ingredients such as hemp seeds, rococo oil, and olive oil which are great for people with sensitive scalps or who are prone to allergic reactions from harsh chemicals while also following their mission statement.


For more information on Davines, or to find a salon near you that uses Davines’ line, go to us.davines.com and click “salon locator”. For more information on Bangz Salon of New Hope, Pennsylvania please visit www.bangznewhope.com

Olivia is a freshman who is excited to be writing with Her Campus for the first time. She enjoys listening to music, traveling, hanging out with friends, writing and her three cats.