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Body Positive Tiktokers to Follow if Your Going Through a Self Love Journey 

As a person who is apart of generation-z, I can speak for the majority of us when I say that social media has affected our lives in one way or another. Photoshopped Instagram influencers, advertised scams for teas that make you slimmer, and outfit ideas that ‘hide your winter weight’ have been ingrained into our minds and ultimately affect the way we look at ourselves in the mirror. TikTok, the most popular app of 2021, has played apart in the way social media affects our confidence and self-esteem. Similar to other social media apps, TikTok includes paid promotions for toxic diet-culture scams, creates filters that showcase the ‘perfect body’, and supports trends that make multiple body types seem undesirable in order to make other body types feel superior. Although it is hard to completely block all exposure to these negative videos, it is possible to create your own feed by unfollowing influencers that unapologetically contribute to toxic trends, and instead supporting users that promote body positivity and self love. I present to you a list of my favorite TikTok influencers that promote body diversity and continue to preach the importance of self love to their followers.

1. Alicia Mccarvell @aliciamccarvell

Alicia Mccarvell uses her Tiktok platform to express her love for working out, fashion, and being an advocate for mental health. Most notably she confronts hate comments that she receives not only about herself, but her relationship. Many users are quick to comment about her mixed-weight relationship and how her husband, as users have commented, ‘is more attractive than she is.’ Her response videos target hate comments while reassuring her audience the love her husband has for her goes beyond what size she is. Alicia continues to post her healthy relationship with her husband, proving to her viewers that love is found in all shapes and sizes. 


2. Sean Taylor @heyseantaylor

A competitor on Netflix’s hit series The Circle, Sean Taylor presents herself to the world as a curvy influencer trying to change society’s views on the plus size community. Although Sean’s time on The Circle was short, she quickly gained a following on Tiktok for her ongoing body positive content. Her content includes fashion lookbooks, beauty tips, and positive reinforcements for her audience. However, Sean is also fully transparent when it comes to tough mental health days we all experience from time to time. Being transparent about those heavy days while being on a self- love journey will only normalize the experience even more, and make others feel as if they are not alone. Sean continues to be an advocate for body positivity and mental health, allowing not only herself to grow, but for others who watch her content to as well.   


3. Remi Jo @remibader

Remi Bader, a New York City Curve Model, uses her TikTok platform to confront the problems of clothing brands with realistic try on hauls. She recommends clothing brands that fit tremendously and stay true to sizing, but also warns her followers of brands that do not cater to all sizes. When met with an outfit that does not fit, Remi offers some sarcastic commentary and reassurance that just because an outfit does not fit the way it fits on the model, it does not determine your worth. Although there has been a breakthrough in the fashion industry, Remi’s realistic try on hauls prove all clothing brands need to cater to all body types to give every woman the opportunity to feel confident in what they’re wearing. 


4. Amanda Lacount @amanda_lacount

Amanda Lacount is a dancer, model and actress who has been featured in content alongside Lizzo, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Meghan Trainor. Her content contains videos of dance choreography and positive affirmations for anyone going through a self love journey. Much like other TikTok users, Amanda receives hate comments attacking her size and love of dance. As a response to the hate, Amanda’s videos feature the hashtag “#breakingthestereotype” while posting even more dancing content. Her now well-known hashtag is attempting to break the stigma of being lazy that hovers around plus size people. Amanda’s videos reassure her viewers that any size can be active and enjoy what they are passionate about. 


5. Samantha Jo @_samanthajo_

Samantha Jo, Youtuber and Tiktoker, is known for her transparency when it comes to her own self love journey. While posting videos of clothing hauls and Tiktok trends, Samantha also posts videos of her days when her mental health is not the best. Although a self love journey is supposed to reward an individual with happiness and confidence, Samantha makes sure to show her viewers the bad days she endures in order to work towards her confidence. Her ongoing positivity and mental health transparency empowers her viewers to take the steps, no matter how difficult they may be, to achieve happiness with not only your body but yourself. 


Lyndsey is a sophomore English and Elementary Education major. She is passionate about confronting societal norms, but also enjoys recommending Harry Styles songs to people who have never heard them.
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