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7 Ways To Stay Motivated For The Gym

Honestly, I feel like a hypocrite writing this as I sit on my bed after almost 3 weeks of not going to the gym. This is as much motivation for me to start working out again as it is for all of you out there reading this article. I’m writing it as motivation to go to the gym because I know that’s what will work for me, but if, for you, working out means going on a run, use this as motivation for that too. And so, here are my tips for motivating yourself to work out.

1. Find Fitspo on social media

This is definitely a very controversial tip, and I’m sure many readers will think it’s one that shouldn’t be followed. And maybe it shouldn’t be. But here’s why I think it helps motivate you to work out. Fitspo doesn’t have to be just pictures of ultra-skinny fitness models with toned abs and thigh gaps. It can be pictures of any strong, fit women who promote body positivity and healthy living or women who are trying to develop healthier, more active lifestyles. Depending on what your goals are, whether it is toning, weight loss, or simply getting stronger, there’s plenty of fitness inspiration for everyone.

2. Have a workout schedule

If you plan what time you’re going to workout/ go to the gym every day, you know you have time for it. If it’s already built into your schedule, you can’t make the excuse that you’re too busy (you always could make the excuse, but it’s not valid anymore). I know I like to work out early in the morning before classes, but lately, I’ve been choosing to sleep in more rather than go to the gym. This brings me to my next tip, which is . . .

3. Get a good night’s sleep

While a good night’s sleep is beneficial in many ways unrelated to your workout schedule, it helps you make going to the gym a priority. Since I prefer to workout early in the morning, I often choose between sleeping in or going to the gym, and if I go to sleep late, I choose to sleep in usually. If you get a full night’s sleep, you’ll have energy during your workout and won’t be too drained to function.

4. Find a workout buddy

A workout buddy will keep you accountable for going to the gym, because skipping would mean canceling on them. It also makes the workout more fun since you’ll have someone to suffer and share the pain with, but also someone to share your progress with. It also gives you something to look forward to because you know you’ll get to see that person at the gym.

5. Buy workout gear that makes you feel good

Sure, you could just wear it as athleisure wear, but if you’re going to get nice workout clothes, you want to use them for their intended purpose. If you’re going to be sweaty and sore, you at least want to look good while you’re at it. There are so many athletic clothing lines out there, so you will have plenty to choose from.  

6. Start a healthy diet

Working out is only one part of a fit and healthy lifestyle. Diet is the other 80%. Start cutting out junk foods or at least start by limiting them because there’s no almost no point in going to the gym if your diet isn’t healthy. The term diet doesn’t even mean you should be going on a crazy diet and restricting what you eat; it just means you should choose fresh foods with actual nutritional value and not empty calories.

7. Track your progress

If seeing is believing, then visualizing your progress, whether it’s journaling everything you do, using a fitness tracker, taking before and after pictures of yourself, or increasing the weights you use, is essential. Once you start seeing the changes in yourself, such as feeling stronger, more energetic, or more confident, you’ll be motivated to keep up the effort.

Maybe none, all, or some of these tips work for you. Hopefully, they help me get out of my slump. Whatever you do to motivate yourself to work out and whatever way you choose to work out, I hope you find your way to a healthy lifestyle.

Anandita is a junior at TCNJ, majoring in economics and minoring in English
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