5 Ways to Take a Mental Health Day this Semester

The fall semester has its ups and downs, but it is always important to know when your body needs a break from work. Taking a mental health day is really important, especially when it comes to de-stressing. Here are five fun ways to take a Mental Health Day this semester:

1. Painting: there is nothing better than being creative through painting. You can plan out your painting with inspiration from Pinterest or just paint freehand. It is a great stress reliever and the perfect activity to do by yourself or with friends.

2. Spa Day: Grab some friends, break out the face masks and nail polish and get ready for a day filled with laughter and fun. Painting your nails has also been proven to be a great way to relieve stress so grab your favorite color, turn on a movie and relax!

3. Walking alongside nature: whether it is on a boardwalk or just on a trail nearby, being in nature is a great way to de-stress! Take a nice stroll and ease your mind with the beautiful scenery!

4. Reading a new book: Although it may seem hard to read a book for fun with all the other reading we do throughout the week, finding a book that you actually want to sit down and read for hours is a great way to relieve stress. Escape from reality for a little by immersing yourself into the lives of the characters and plotline.

5. Get a good workout in: if working out is a stress-reliever for you than take a day and focus on your workout routines! Plan out the next week with fitness goals you are hoping to accomplish and make a stop at the gym for a workout.