2 Girls Vs. Healthy Food At Eick

Here is the story of two girls embarking on the challenge to eat healthy. For the past couple weeks, they have been living off bread bowls at Panera and T-dubs mac and cheese. Here is their story as told by gifs.

Day 0: The night before they started, their feast began and they filled up on delicious greasy food before they went cold turkey the next day.

Day 1: Withdrawal from high fat and sugar sent them into a frenzy.

Day 2: The survival of day 1 resulted in the formation of the girls thinking they might actually be able to do this.

Day 3: Three days deep and the girls were committed, the girls snacked on any produce they could get their hands on.

Day 4: Their willpower began to diminish, walking past students with ice cream and yummy snacks was beginning to take a toll on them.

Day 5: After eating salads for 4 days in a row, they gave into temptation.

Day 6: The pair was defeated, they could no longer control their inner demons and they let loose and ate real food.

Overall, they learned that not everyone is meant to practice self control. They vowed to never, ever attempt to eat healthy at Eick again.