What Your On Campus Dining Choice Says About You

Texas A&M has come a long way from its time as an all male military school. As one of the top research institutions in the nation you’d expect some stellar dining options...prepare to be disappointed.


I've enjoyed mediocre food all over campus and compiled my list on what your on campus dining choice says about you.



Freshman or a fan of omelettes. You sit in there with your laptop while you listen to the craziest mix of music, and wonder when your mom is sending you her next care package.


Copperhead Jack’s

You’re too young to remember when it was Lime. It’s Freebirds but with Dining Dollars.



You got MONEY. I honestly have nothing bad to say about people who eat here, it’s a nice treat and sticks to the quality you would see at an off campus Smashburger.



Pretentious. You do crossword puzzles and sip chamomile tea in the evenings...or you could just be desperate for bagels.


Chick-fil-a Underground

Patient. You love basement style dining areas. You haven’t eaten a vegetable since you left for college.


Cabo in the MSC

You want Chipotle but you’re on campus. The poblano sauce here slaps though, I have no hate. One time my freshman year I saw two women get into a fight behind the counter though.



In a FLO, maybe even a SLO. You don’t know how to stop talking, and think your organization is the peak of your existence.


Barnes & Noble Cafe

You call it MSC Starbucks even though it’s not a Starbucks, it just sells their drinks. You’re either a grad student or an officer for some organization holding some sort of very important life-or-death meeting.


M-2-O in the MSC

A fan of sandwiches with wack proportions, or you’re trying to convince yourself that salad is good and delicious. Yummy!


Bee Creek Pizza

Verifiably insane. 


Panda Express

You fear N O T H I N G. 


Smoothie King

You own one of those blender bottles, and can’t commit to a relationship because you’re so busy taking 12 hours and going to the gym. Big Kyle energy if you go to the Smoothie King in the Rec.


West Campus Chick-fil-a

Business. Is. Booming. You love Wehner. You eat, sleep, breathe Goldman Sachs. You knew Dr. Musoma BEFORE he was on Ellen.


The Commons

Freshman, or a bootchaser looking to meet up with their cute little cadet so you can sneak in a lunch date before your Century Tree proposal next week.


The Pavilion

??????...I have never heard a person say “let’s go eat at The Pavilion.”



InDiE and qUiRkY. Your jeans are cuffed right now. You think listening to Soccer Mommy makes you special. 



Freshman who lives at White Creek, or a public health major. Not many people know about this place but I lived at White Creek and it was super convenient to have and never super busy. The pasta SLAPS. 


Hullabaloo Starbucks

Walton Boy. Or you live in Hullabaloo. This one always surprised me in a good way with the music they play.



Bootchaser. Or holding a Bible study. OR...holding a Bible study FOR bootchasers!!!



Engineering major, or an impassioned student of the College of Liberal Arts who hates the discrepancies in funding (why do I still have to learn on chalkboards??????????) Sometimes I come here and read my political science textbooks and write articles so the engineering majors feel threatened by my eloquence. (Engineers please don’t tell me about your future salary okay) Also...WHO controls the music here I just want to talk.


Evans Starbucks

True to your school. The line is always long, but this Starbucks is central to all things Aggie and housed right inside of sweet sweet Evans library. I love you Evans Starbucks. No matter how many times you hurt me with a 40 minute wait I’ll always come back to you baby. 


As you can see I have no bias. Happy eating Ags. Stay healthy.