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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TAMU chapter.

One of my favorite pastimes is finding someplace comfy and watching a beloved show or movie. I especially love to revisit old shows and movies and re-experience that sense of nostalgia and happiness through the screen. With the Spring semester coming towards the end and finals creeping up, I have found myself following a new early morning routine that allows me to destress and enjoy my last few weeks of school before summer break. As I wake up early to start my day, I get breakfast and treat myself with an episode of a show I adore. As I get caught up into a new world away from the stressors of school, I find myself more relaxed and happier to start my day. While, of course, I’m not saying I don’t prioritize my school work (that would only fuel my stress), I found that taking those few moments to myself everyday helped a lot with increasing my motivation and balancing my mental health.

If you are interested in getting caught up in a world of comfort and excitement, or simply want to find a new charming show to binge, here are my top 5 shows to do just that.


Yes, I know this isn’t a new show for most people, but for those unfamiliar, Gilmore Girls follows a young daughter and her single mother in a small town as they tackle life together under their unique ambitions. This show has a classic balance of charm and nostalgia and is the perfect mood to cuddle up and binge without worry. 

(Where to watch: Netflix)


This show is for sure the nostalgic type as you follow young Cory Mathews and his best friends, during the 90s, as they take on the trials of life and learn to appreciate each other and the world around them. This classic American sitcom gives the perfect message of appreciating life and allows you to fall in love with each character as you watch them grow up throughout the seasons. 

(Where to watch: Disney+ and Hulu)


While almost everyone has watched Friends, this is one of my favorite shows to revisit and just have a good time. The series follows the antics of a group of six friends living in New York as they figure out their lives as adults with the support of each other.  Each character is loveable in their own way, and there is never a dull moment with the group as new events unfold. While I know basically every episode word for word, I am always happy to revisit it for a good laugh and good vibes.

(Where to watch: Max and Hulu)


This is the ultimate nostalgic show for me as this was one of my favorite shows to watch in middle school with my mother. This show is the perfect blend of fantasy and drama as it puts a twist on classic fairytale stories in a soap opera fashion. There are so many twists and turns with exciting plots as you watch fairy-tale legends from a magical realm collide with the “modern world” in a small and mysterious town. I am a sucker for the old Disney movies, so watching beloved fairy-tale characters come back to life in a new light is always an exciting time. This is the perfect show to get caught up in a world of magic, romance, and mystery, making it hard to turn off.

(Where to watch: Disney+ and Hulu)


While this is a newer show that I just finished watching, I just know I will be rewatching it many times in the future. The series follows the whimsical adventures of a young, high-spirited girl named Anne in a quaint Canadian farm town during the 1800s. This period piece is so wholesome and beautiful as you dive into the imaginative world of Anne and her classmates, and it makes you appreciate the small things in life. The show itself is also beautiful visually, with its countryside scenery and the colorful costumes of the characters. This show pulls at your heartstrings and allows you to romanticize a simple life of love and friendship.

(Where to watch: Netflix)

Overall, these comfort shows are perfect for immersing yourself in a world of fun and excitement, allowing you to relax and simply enjoy life. Even on rewatch, they are perfect for some background noise as you work (or eat) to make life just a bit more entertaining.

Kaylie Sauceda is a member of the Texas A&M University chapter of Her Campus. She is a blossoming writer who is eager to grow in her skills and explore her passion in writing. As a lover of psychology, she enjoys diving into the human experience through her writing with an incorporation of her own experiences. She additionally is a lover for fashion, books, media, and all things pop culture. Kaylie is a second year undergraduate student at TAMU majoring in psychology with a focus in healthy development and psychology of diversity, as well as minoring in Neuroscience. She hopes to pursue her PhD in Clinical or Counseling Psychology. Kaylie greatly values family and relationships, and aspires to be a marriage and family therapist to help others grow and nurture their own healthy relationships in their lives. Aside from Her Campus, Kaylie is also an active member of PhilSA and is the captain for PhilSA’s women and coed flag football team. She is also a continuing band kid who plays the clarinet for TAMU’s Symphonic Winds. In her free time, she is an avid movie watcher and book reader who is a sucker for rom-coms, romance books, and a dramatic plot that can make her ugly cry.