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In Loving Memory of Aggie, Nikki Williams

This week’s campus celebrity is in honor of Nikki Williams, a fellow Aggie who lost her life in a tragic car accident Saturday night along with one of her friends and fellow Aggie, Alexis Emmou. One of Nikki’s best friends and roommate, Rachel Kroesche, offered to participate in an interview with Her Campus in honor of Nikki’s life. Nikki was fun-loving, genuinely caring and had an uplifting sense of humor. Please keep her family and friends in your prayers. Rest in peace to such a beautiful soul. Memory eternal.

Below is a link to the GoFundMe account to help cover the funeral and other costs:                                                                                                                                                   http://www.gofundme.com/tmz9c8          

Her Campus: How would you describe Nikki in one word and why?

Rachel Kroesche: Beautiful. Everything about her was beautiful. She was beautiful physically, her personality was beautiful, the way she could light up any room with her jokes and laughter was beautiful, and she genuinely cared about everyone she came in contact with. She wanted to make people happy and put a smile on their face. She was the most loving, caring, happiest, and most beautiful person I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting. 

HC: What organizations and extracurricular activities was Nikki involved in at A&M?

RK: Nikki was a trainer for the football team in the beginning of her college career. Although she wasn’t really involved in any organizations this year, she had so many friends and she went to as many events as possible and got to know as many people as possible. She wanted to know everyone and be a part of everything. She had an internship with the Brazos Valley Bombers this summer that she was so excited about. She also had a job working with kids, she absolutely loved kids and they loved her back.HC: How has Nikki impacted A&M? And how do you think A&M has impacted her?

HC: How has Nikki impacted A&M? And how do you think it has impacted her?

RK: I already mentioned the fact that Nikki wanted to know everyone, and she did. She would always be going up to random people on campus or anywhere she went really, trying to make a friend. She definitely was not shy. We had a couple of classes together and she was constantly making people laugh. I’ve never met anyone so funny. She definitely loved Texas A&M and I think she definitely made a positive impact here. Nikki loved free stuff and she made a big deal about “#4thafree,” so anyone who came in contact with her probably heard that once or twice. Like I said she was beautiful, she was always smiling and looking to make someone’s day and A&M was definitely her home.

HC: What is the greatest way Nikki has impacted your life?

RK: Nikki was amazing. She was definitely one of my best friends. I planned to live with her for the rest of college and stay connected once she graduated, and eventually have her in my wedding someday. Nikki made me smile on a daily basis. She always tried to push me out of my comfort zone because she was crazy and loud and didn’t care what anyone thought about her, she was always herself and everybody loved her for it. I get really stressed out during school and I could usually find something to complain about, but Nikki would always try to talk some sense into me and make me realize it wasn’t that big of a deal. I’ve never met someone so optimistic who loved life so much. She makes me want to be a better and happier person. She was such a loyal friend too, I can’t even tell you the amount of times she defended me or looked out for me in different situations to make sure I was safe. I will love and miss her forever, and I think that goes for a lot of people.

HC: What were Nikki’s plans for after college?

RK: After college, I’m not exactly sure what her final plan was but the last time we talked about jobs, she wanted to be a coach and she wanted to work with kids if possible. She just wanted to be happy and do things she enjoyed. She worked out constantly, so fitness was something she definitely lived for and Im sure she would’ve loved to build a life around that.

HC: Is there any other information you’d like to share about her?

RK: She went by Nickinikkinikki haha (Spelling is very important)! She was so sweet and would do anything for anybody. She also loved her family which included her friends, because to her, her friends were her family. All of us are still in disbelief about this whole situation I think. I still sit on the couch in our house and just wait for her to but through the door blaring her music. It just doesn’t seem real to me, and I can’t help but think “why her?” Someone once told me that God only picks the most beautiful flowers for his garden and after this past weekend, I know for a fact that that must be true. Although I’d rather have Nikki here with me, I know I have the most beautiful angel looking over me now and for that I could not be more thankful or blessed. 

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