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Restaurant check! For those of you who do not know, I go to Texas A&M University here in College Station. Living here for three years now, it is hard to find new places to eat, and I tend to go to the same five restaurants when I go out and treat myself (shoutout Chuy’s). But recently, my friend called and asked if I wanted to go get barbeque with her and her boyfriend. Do not hate me on this- but even though I am a native Texas, barbeque has never been my favorite type of food. I knew I would be spending the day with them, and I was super hungry so I agreed. And I am SO glad I did because I may have found the Bryan/College Station secret gem.

The place is called All the Kings Men. Located in downtown Bryan, I already thought that the location was so cute and convenient for when you can’t drive far but want to get away from the crowds of college kids. Immediately when we walked in, I fell in love with the place. Decked out in all brick and wood, you walk up to the counter to place your order and then they bring you your food. I got the pulled pork sandwich with gouda mac and cheese and wow! It may have been the best meal I have had.

As I said earlier, barbeque is not my favorite so when I do go to eat it, I am super picky about what it tastes like. This pulled pork sandwich was beautiful. Not too big but not too small, the pulled pork was laid on a brioche bun, which was the first thing that caught my eye. Glazed in butter, the pulled pork was placed in the bun so perfectly with all the toppings on the side for me to add what I wanted. This was the type of sandwich that did not even fall apart, which was another thing that impressed me. The sauces were both amazing and the mac and cheese was to die for.

Not only is it a barbeque place, but for those who are 21+ they have a whiskey bar as well. I did not get any when I was there, but I am definitely going to go back and try what they have. Plus, they have $5 mimosas! All in all, this place impressed me. For less than $10, I got a whole meal that looked nice and kept me full for half the day. So, next time you’re searching for a place to go eat, try All the Kings Men located in downtown Bryan.

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