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Have you already let go?

While I am holding on, have you forgotten?

Do you even know

How you fill my dreams without end?

How long has it been since you last thought of me?

Have you already forgotten my voice? The sound of my laughter?

I remember yours. Your deep, husky voice. Your shy laugh.

Should I let go? Will you let me let go?

I don’t want to, but I also want to forget you.

I should move on. You have.

Oh, how I envy you. Such an easy feat for you to forget.

But then, what did we have? What were we?

But what can I do? When I miss you so much?

It’s like I have no control over my thoughts!

Why can I not shut you out?

You always make your way into my head, my wild thoughts, my deepest wants.

Should I move on?

I should.

You have.

Passionate about writing, photography, and travel and am currently studying architecture at Texas A&M University.
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