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Breathe in.

I do not have any job prospects. I am moving back home. I have a degree that I have no idea what I want to do with. I scared out of my mind. I have to say goodbye to my life as I have known it the past four years. 

It’s fine. I’m fine. We’re fine. I am terrified to end this chapter of my life called college. I have learned to call this beautiful place, Aggieland, home. 

This was my last year to stand at FTA football games. My last time to go to Northgate and it be acceptable. My last year as a student to remember those who passed from the 1999 Bonfire. My last time to ever put a penny on Sully before a big exam. My last time to pull an all-nighter for that big exam. One last time to make stupid mistakes. One last time not to adult. 

Texas A&M has been the most wonderful experience. I have made so many amazing friendships and countless of fun memories. I have learned who I am in these past four years. 

I have gained a lifetime of knowledge. Not only book knowledge, but real life stuff. I have learned that it is ok not to know what you want and that it is completely fine to freak out. I learned that everything is going to work out! Right? At least I keep telling myself that everything is going to work out. 

Life goes on, and soon all I will have is these memories to cherish. 

Thank you, Aggieland for being a place I call home. I will miss you dearly. 


Breathe out. 


Alright, I’m going to go apply for jobs now. 

Sydney Elise is a senior at Texas A&M (A-WHOOP) majoring in telecommunication media studies. She loves traveling, reading books, and watching movies especially Anchorman. She aspires to one day be in the news broadcasting industry, and see the world. Stay classy College Station. T's&G's
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