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Effortless Ways to Take Breaks During Finals Season (and literally any other season)

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.

As we head into finals season, let’s remember how essential taking breaks is to maintaining optimal productivity during study sessions. Looking back on freshman year, I realize how I could’ve been better focused if I paid attention to my “exhaustion meter” while consuming extensive amounts of information for several hours at a time.

In an effort to encourage such breaks, however long or short they may be, I’m listing three very simple and effortless habits I’ve found to be most effective in resting and recharging my brain while studying.

  • Eat protein-dense snacks and stay hydrated: I found that eating something as simple as nuts helped increase concentration and kept me satiated for hours to come. As usual, drinking water is always a priority.
  • Take a walk: Sometimes, movement is the best way to counter the monotonous lows of intense studying. From my experience, anything from a brisk ten minute stroll outside to some yoga or stretching can be very energizing.
  • Talk to someone: It can be difficult to detach ourselves from the studying zone, and conversing with a friend or even a parent might ease your nerves and help you put things into perspective. (However, take this suggestion with a grain of salt, as it can be easy to get distracted and lose track of time.)

On the other hand, as you might have already figured, using a break to check Instagram or any other social media might not best impact your productivity, so try to minimize such distractions or, if possible, put your phone on a “Do Not Disturb” setting or even place it where it is not directly accessible to you. There are also apps available, like Freedom and Forest, that incentivize you to focus better and discourage you from unlocking your phone. More of these apps can be found through this link.

Finally, one of the most important things I learned throughout school is to take a break when the “going gets tough.” When the material starts to make you frustrated, it’s probably a great time to step back; have a moment to clear your thoughts and hopefully feel refreshed before getting back to it. 

Sarayu is a new writer with Her Campus at TAMU and an avid human rights and mental health advocate. When she's not browsing for thrillers and 90s rom-coms on Netflix, she's probably downing green tea or espresso shots or trying to make the perfect omelet.