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The Biggest Lesson a Sunflower Taught Me About Life

Recently someone told me that they love sunflowers because of the fact that they always face the sun, no matter what. I got to thinking about this, and what a beautiful metaphor for life that is. I’ve learned so much from such a simple sunflower and here’s what I hope you learn too:


I hope you begin to live a life where you’re able to see the good in things and face the light even in the hardest of times

I hope you realize that life is a journey and even in your lowest valleys, there’s always a mountain to rejoice in 

I hope you start focusing on the good even when your life feels like it's falling apart. Tomorrow brings such wonders and a multitude of new chances

I hope you stop worrying about the cards you've been dealt and the inability to choose what happens in life, and begin to see that you’re able to choose how you want to react to these situations

But most of all, I hope the next time you see a sunflower you remember this and find joy in all the goodness that this world has to offer you


I’ve always found sunflowers beautiful, but now when I look at them I’ll smile just a slight bit wider.

Howdy! My name is Coleen and I'm a Senior Communication student at Texas A&M University. I'm obsessed with traveling to new places, 80's music, baseball, and photography/art.
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