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What’s the best way to receive acknowledgement for completing 90 total credit hours in Aggieland? Aggie Ring Day, of course!

Each year, The Association of Former Students, congratulates Aggies for reaching a vital milestone through the deliverance of Texas Aggie Rings. Thousands of Aggies, families, and friends will gather April 12-13, 2019 at Clayton W. Williams, Jr. Alumni Center on Aggie Ring Day to celebrate all those having achieved this significant moment.

The eligibility requirements to receive an Aggie ring include:

  • 90 total undergraduate or professional hours

  • 45 completed institution undergraduate or professional hours

  • 2.0 GPA

  • Must not be on probation, suspension, or any other violations

According to the Aggie Network website, the tradition began years ago, as early as 1889 when the oldest known Aggie Ring was made. The ring itself obtains a variety of symbols that all contribute to different meanings.

  • The shield on top of the Aggie Ring symbolizes protection of good reputation regarding Alma Mater.

  • The 13 stripes refer back to the original 13 states symbolizing patriotism.

  • The five stars inside of the shield symbolize different phases of the Aggie student; mind, body, spirituality, emotion, and integrity.

  • The eagle represents agility, power, and the ability to reach maximum potential in life.

Ring Day Festivities to expect this year:

  • Purchase T-shirts

  • Meet Benjamin Knox

  • Hang out and take pictures with Big 12 Bus

  • FREE Slovacek sausage and beverages

  • Job hunting advice from Career Center

For more information regarding Ring Day, visit www.aggienetwork.com!


Ryane is a Senior Communications major and Journalism minor at Texas A&M University. Her hobbies include health/fitness, working on her business (@tonesxthree), and writing articles for Her Campus! 
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