5 Ways To Stay Motivated Until School Ends

1.    It’s nearly May!

As we inch towards the end of April, it is bvious that school is finally coming to a close (for now), but with such little time left, it could be easy to feel like you’re at the end of your rope. Mark your calendar on the day of your last exam and simmer in the feeling of knowing the end of the semester and your suffering is near!

2.    "Winter Summer Is Coming"

For all of you Game of Thrones fans out there, GoT began on Sunday! This usually means summer is coming! Seeing your favorite summer shows finally coming back on air after what seems like years of waiting, is definitely something to look forward to. It sure does make time go by a little faster.


The end of the semester is such a sensitive time. You have an enormous amount of group projects, essays, exams, with regular school work on top of that loa! So don’t forget to take SOME time for yourself. There’s so much work that needs to be done, which means it’s usually that time of the semester where you might be stressing the most. You have to give yourself a break and not feel bad about it! Set a night to yourself, drink a glass of wine, eat your favorite snack, hang out with your friends, and just do whatever you have to do to unwind!

4.    Study Groups

Make a study group with your friends; even though it may seem like a deadly decision to do so, it could really end up benefitting you. Sure, sometimes you might get carried away chit chatting, but with so much to do, it may not happen. If you study alone most of the time, you could start to feel lonely when you’re studying for finals. If you study with your friends, you can all motivate each other to keep going.

5.    Plan A Summer Vacation!

By the time school lets out, chances are you will feel exhausted from all of the tests and classes. Plan a mini get away! Nothing feels better than being able to escape all of your problems and adult stresses—even if it is just for a weekend! Going away for a few days could be just the mental boost you needed and there are thousands of things you could do in your home state so you don’t necessarily have to break the bank!