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5 Reasons Why Your Roommate Is Your Bestie

She’s the only person willing to wake you up for a 9 A.M. class, listen to you whine about dropping out, and then watch you begrudgingly get ready.


No matter what, she’ll always be your +1 to every event, party, tailgate and is automatically your wing-woman in every situation because #GirlPower.


Her friends become your friends, and your friends become her friends, and then we’re all friends. It’s the best way to socialize in college, especially coming in as a freshman.


Shopping dates. That’s literally it. Shopping with your best friend is always fun especially when it’s for the same event.


She’s your bestie because you spend countless hours together gossiping, hanging out, eating and sometimes. crying (yes, college is hard) and it brings y’all closer together.


With all that being said, look over and tell your roomie how much you love her and are glad y’all met, unless you don’t like her… then I really don’t know what to say because I was blessed with the best roommate ever.

I love you, girl!

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